Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Time is Love..."

...I love that song. I'm not really into country a whole lot but I've been liking it more lately! I think that's going to be my motto for summer!

This post is mainly just about enjoying life, taking it easy and spending your moments with the ones that you love.

It seems like everyone is cut short for time. Even though I don't work outside the home anymore I'm STILL busy doing other things. I don't like scheduling in family time but that is what we've been doing lately. The hubs has a pretty demanding job so Hunter and I work around his schedule. We did have a fun weekend together...I couldn't have asked for more...

Friday evening I took Hunter to a new sprinkler/splash park in our area. At first he was SO hesitant I had to hold his hand through the sprinklers. Then he let it all out and had some fun!


These waterfalls are about a half hour from our house. Saturday we made our way over there. We love having lunch and just enjoying the scenery. Hunter kept saying "I see Neverland!" He's been pretty into Jake and the Neverland Pirates lately. He calls me Captain Hook all the time...haha.


Sunday was more relaxed. One of my best friends came to stay for the night and we hung out on Monday as well. It was great we got pedicures and just caught up on all of our old crazy times. I'm pretty sure Hunter has a major crush on her. ;)


As long as its for my family and friends I don't mind being pulled In a million different ways. If my life is balanced with God, family and friends nothing much can go wrong! I know I will slow down once I have the baby (for a little while) but life keeps moving and I will be moving with it (with my family in hand!) I just hope time doesn't go TOO fast because I am enjoying all of these right nows!




  1. Cute pic with Hunter touching your baby belly! I like that song too. It's so true. Working out side of the home I try to make the time I do have with Eliana count. The housework waits until she's playing or watching a cartoon. So, needless to say my house is in a constant state of messy.haha But the cleanest house in the world doesn't compare to the time I get to spend with her and my husband.

  2. Neat waterfall!

    Glad you're able to enjoy spending time w/ family and friends!