Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Domestic Goddess Part 1: Meal Planning

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I would write a post about some easy dinners that I make. Well here it is finally! I kept putting it off until it came to the dreaded time to meal plan so I thought I would write a post and meal plan at the same time (score!) A lot of these I haven't made and will let you know. I'm trying them out because they are also freezer meals that I want to try first.

Let me tell you this whole stay at home mom who meal plans and makes freezer meals is completely foreign to me. I never thought I would be doing this! Serisouly, I would eat cereal every night for dinner if I could get away with it. But it makes life a lot easier if I have things planned out and freezer meals made ahead (I want to have like 25 stocked up) for after baby. So here we go I'm going to try this whole "domestic goddess" stuff out and let you know how it goes!! So here is the first part of my domestic goddess mini series I'm doing.


A lot of people use a calendar to meal plan like this meal on this night and so on. I've decided I'm just going to make a list of 10-12 meals per grocery shopping period (twice a month) and can choose from that list each day depending on how we feel. I will make my grocery list based off of these meals so I will always know that I have every ingredient I need. I don't have a meal for every night because I know we will probably go out or get take out once and I will make our favorite chicken and brown rice (just marinated chicken breast baked, brown rice and veggies) a few times. Also im sure we will grill steaks and burgers a couple nights. Now I realize there is a lot of chicken recipes on this list but that's what we like to eat in the summer.

My lovely grocery list :)


Spicy Sausage Pasta

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken (skinny taste)

This chicken and make brown rice on the side

Layered Enchilada Casserole

Brown Fried Rice (beef)

Cafe Rio Pulled Pork Salads

Honey Lime Chicken

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken/pesto stuffed shells

Cranberry Chicken

Healthy turkey meat loaf muffins

It's fairly easy to make most of these recipes healthier. You can sub plain Greek yogurt for sour cream (I usually do half and half.) I like to use whole grain brown rice it's much healthier for you, or whole wheat pasta. Also, I use corn tortilla's instead of flour.

I hope this helps with meal planning. I know I hate deciding what to cook for dinner! And I like things that are easy peasy, which all of the above recipes are...yee haw!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a not so mommish post Wedding link up with the ultra fabulous Holly and Melanie!




  1. I love this! If it was just me, I definitely eat a lot simpler. I love a PB+J sandwich haha

    Great tips and recipes.

  2. Thank you for these recipes! I'm not much of a cook so I really dig easy to follow recipes.

  3. Great list! And good idea to have freezer meals done before the baby gets here! How many weeks left?? It has to be soon, right? :)