Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Woo hoo it's Summer (well almost!)

I have been so excited to be laying by the pool, sipping on margaritas and just relaxing all day! Oh WAIT. I have a two year old and I'm knocked up so that's NEVER gonna happen. But I am linking up with two fabulous ladies and am going to share my 'super exciting' summer plans with you! 


Main Summer Plans:

1. Try not to travel anywhere...

 I want to just relax as much as I can, and enjoy my little guy before our new addition arrives end of July or beginning of August. 

2. Nesting? 

Yes please. I have been filled with energy and cleaning out tons of random spots of my house. I gotta keep up this momentum and get shiz done. I still have to finish the nursery, clean out/organize the guest room and get Hunter's room organized just to name a few. 

3. Art Projects

I love seeing my little guy learn and have fun so I am trying to plan out some fun arts and crafts projects for two year olds. I will post on my successes and failures. 

4. Park Play Dates

Meet up with my friends and their kids as much as possible. Hunter loves it and it gives me time to talk to someone my own age (besides the hubs). 

5. Swimming Lessons

I am not looking forward to these for two reasons. First off I am going to look like a manatee in my swim suit at 8 months pregnant and secondly last year Hunter freaked out in the dug his nails into my back and would not breath until we got out freak outs. Towards the end of the summer I took him to a different pool that has a warmer pool for kids that's only 2 feet deep and he did have fun. So that's where we are doing lessons this year....

6. Fishing

I REALLY want Hunter to catch his first fish. So the hubs and I are going to take him out as much as possible. 

7. Boat dates 

If the hubs and I get any free time we will take the boat out together. We fish sometimes or just boat around its pretty relaxing and I can tan!

8. Have a baby

woo hoo! I am already getting incredibly uncomfortable so I am looking forward to 'popping' this one out! 

Well....this is all I can think of right this minute. Pretty lame (except for the baby part) I know, but I really need this to be a chill summer before baby numero dos makes his appearance. Now next summer...that's when its going to get crazy...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And Summer begins...

I love summer.

Especially since I'm done working.

Done being stressed out and not having time to do the things I writing and working out! I'm so excited to have time to blog again you don't even know!!

I really could have had time to workout but this pregnancy has had me drop dead tired by the time I had gotten off work I just wanted to pick up my little guy and go home. Now I will be headed to the gym every day around 9 am. I'm just going to be doing lighter workouts since I'm 30 weeks and out of shape but it will do.

I CAN'T wait to run again. I'm contemplating signing up for a half in November. That would only give me about 2 months post baby to train (after a 4 week break). So I'm a little unsure. I'm leaning towards going for it, it will give me good motivation and if I have to walk a little (or a lot) who cares?? At least I had the balls to try.

Today was the first day of summer break. The little guy and I headed to the zoo. It was sprinkling but we still had a blast! We saw tons of exotic creatures including a moose, mountain sheep, mule deer and coyotes bahaha. But Hunter thought it was cool so that's all that matters. We were pretty much the only people there, and we got an awesome view of the grizzly bear taking a nap right in front of the glass score! I got an ass kicking work out. This zoo is seriously ALL (not really but a majority) of it UPHILL. I was huffing and puffing and Braxton hicksing (false contractions) it the whole time!!

We had to bring Pirate Jake along of course

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. The little guy and I headed up to my parents and had a blast. He ate about 13 chocolate ice cream cones and covered every outfit I brought with chocolate, boogers and sun screen grease....


Also, here's a picture of the belly at just under 30 weeks. I'm 30 weeks 2 days now!

Anyway, expect another post on Friday this week (or earlier!) I'm pumped!!

So how was your Memorial Day weekend?

Would you sign up for a half a few months post partum?