Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I Miss Being on a "diet"

I'm insane right? Every day on Instagram I see all these amazing pictures of some of my fave blogger's healthy meals, flexing their guns and/or their miles logged in on their phone apps. And I'm so f'n jealous it's not even funny. When everyone and there cat was doing that 10 day cleanse I was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog wanting to clear my colon and whatever else with y'all.


Because I can't freakin do any of that biotches. Now I know I could eat super healthy while pregnant and yes I could work out every day, but I seriously feel like nauseas fat kid sitting on the sidelines while all the cool kids get picked to play kick ball. But really? If I'm not eating some sort of sugar or carb every 2 hours I am puking my guts out or dry heaving....of which neither are acceptable when teaching a classroom of kids.

Then when I get off work I am beat and have been on my feet most the day and want to sit down. I honestly just need to accept the fact that I'm not the healthiest pregnant woman. I need to enjoy this time, but I'm not going to over enjoy it if you know what I mean...I have replaced some of my unhealthy snacks with fruit and am going to try to get in 20 min 3- 4 times a week of walking, as well as some squats at home. Nothing too crazy. Also because I have the color run literally a month or maybe a little more after I pop this baby out.

This is why I'm scared to get pregnant again...I don't want to go through this feeling of eating my brains out or feeling sick all the time. But of course I will probably forget about it like I forgot about it last time. Until I re read this post...

I gotta stop eating this for breakfast:


I'm writing this post to help remind myself after I have the baby of how I felt when pregnant, and hopefully to keep my ass motivated in getting back in shape!

This pretty much sums up how I feel:


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

20 Weeks and Other Life Updates!

How far along?

20 weeks...hopefully a little more than halfway now!


Everything. Some days I feel great others not so much. Mainly a constant hungry lingering feeling. Been trying to satisfy it with fruits and veggies. But sometimes (aka at least once a day) I give into a not so healthy craving. I also pee like 6 times a night. It's like a never ending waterfall it sucks! Oh did I mention my growing belly? I had to buy some maternity jeans this weekend the old hair tie through the button hole was getting old fast.

This was taken this morning. Dang I wish I had bigger boobs.


Another little boy!

Weight gain?

10 lbs

Those are the only questions I can think of answering right now. What else is new? I am getting Hunter's big boy room finished up and I can't wait to post the final pictures! I'm also getting baby boys nursery ready and let me tell you it is ADORABLE. I'm reaching the point in pregnancy where it's not so bad anymore, the symptoms are fading and I'm not so big that its uncomfortable. At first I thought this would be my last pregnancy but maybe not...

Also, I am so excited for next week because it is Spring break!!! And that means no work for me! I have two full days of spring cleaning planned out. Like MAJOR spring cleaning. I am going to post my check lists sometime this week. I know you are all dying to see it.

I will leave you with this:

My boys :)


I hope everyone has a fabulous week!







Sunday, March 17, 2013


Testing out Blogsy for IPad


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

19 Weeks and Other Fun Updates!

How is everyone doing? 

It's been quite a while since I've posted. But I'm gonna be real and say that it is going to be super sporadic until I'm done working my teaching job end of May. I have not worked full time since I was pregnant with my first baby so this whole thing is new to me! Plus after work I really just want to pick up my little man, come home have a glass of wine I wish and play and relax with my baby boy. One of the main things we played after school this week? Riding in his Jeep. Let me tell you he used to be scared to death of that Jeep. He would not go in it. So his little friend (the neighbor boy) started driving it around. All of a sudden Hunter wanted to get in! I was so happy...and he had a blast!!

My little guy (the one with Pluto) and his friend.  

I am officially 19 weeks prego and excited about being almost half way! Feeling sick in the mornings and evenings and tired most of the time. Oh yeah....IT'S A BOY! A lot of you know because I posted ultra sound pics on IG and Facebook. We are pretty sure about a name but really aren't telling many people. Mainly just family. Lame I know. I thought I wouldn't shop as much if I found out I was having another boy....but I was wrong. This little guy is going to be just as well dressed as his big bro (I hardly saved any of his clothes). 

Me last week at 18 weeks.
 I had a dr appt today and have gained 10 lbs which I am not happy about. My dr. said he isn't worried about it but WHATEVER I AM. On a good note he said I could start couch to 5k again with no problem and I am PUMPED! :) Tomorrow I am getting my ass to the gym after work. Please hold me to it. I also got a ton of fruit and veggie snacks prepared for work tomorrow. I am hoping to only gain 1 lb within the next 4 weeks so I gotta lay off the bad carbs that I have been gorging out on!

Hopefully it doesn't take me another 4 weeks to blog again! I want to at least get an update in every week but who knows?! 

Thanks for all the emails checking on where I've been! :)