Wednesday, June 26, 2013

34 Weeks Pregasaurus/My fears/Potty Training

I'm a little over 34 weeks knocked up y'all! Time is flying and my anxiety levels are UP. I am so nervous/scared to be a mom of two. Mainly because I don't want Hunter to think I don't have time for him. But that is another post for another day.

So far I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. Until last week when my damn blood pressure was high. So I had to go back a few days later so they could make sure I was still doing okay. Well my blood pressure was still high. As of now I'm just going to be monitoring it at home, and watching for other symptoms of preeclampsia (i had this last pregnancy). Unfortunately, I will have to go into the dr more and will be having my cervix checked earlier now (boo!) because they think I may go into labor earlier.

I was doing fine on weight gain until the past few weeks where I have gained 7 lbs. Putting me at 23 gained :( oh well. At this point I'm not worried I am really motivated to shed this weight after baby, and I will.

This was about a week ago..


Hunter has been such a crazy kid lately. I seriously love him so much but he does drive me crazy at (many) certain points throughout the day! He is the biggest goof ball and sooooo active. I don't know where he gets his energy. He is doing pretty good potty training. He just figured out how to pee standing up and always says "I pee standing up like Mommy and Papa" I still haven't told him I can't pee standing up (wouldn't that be the greatest though.) Plus he always watches me in the bathroom so I don't know where he gets that from. I still have to take him like every 45 min to an hour to the pot if he hasn't told me himself he has to go, so he is not fully trained yet. But it's a good start!!


Big boy undies!!


Pretty sure I will be needing to do this to my toilets at my house soon!!

How were all of your potty training experiences? Anyone else balls deep in it? Any mom advice for having a second kid??



  1. Ok, I seriously giggled out loud at "I pee standing up like Mommy and Papa"!!! TOO funny. I can't believe you are at 34 weeks already! For real, I was about to type I can't believe we are at 34 weeks already, like I'm pregnant too!haha I guess following your journey this whole time makes me think I can include myself in that statement.haha
    People keep asking me if I am ready for another baby and I just keep thinking that I would feel bad if I wasn't giving all of my attention to ELiana. I think I would have that same anxiety that you do about not wanting Hunter to feel like you don't have time for him. I will be keeping you in prayer that your blood pressure will go down and you won't have preeclamsia!
    Sorry that I just wrote you a novel.

  2. Love the toilet seat! LOL

    You look great and your weight gain is completely normal! You won't have any trouble getting it off I'm sure.

    The baby 2 guilt (for me) honestly never goes away. I still feel like I leave my 4 year old hanging some times even now that the baby is 15 mths. But oddly enough when I try to do things one on one with her she always asks why sissy can't come.

    Just include Hunter in as many things with the baby as you can and I'm sure he'll do fine.

  3. Oh Girl! We need to email about Potty Training AND becoming a Mom of Two!

    Here is a link to my OLD family blog, but its the post I did about Jack's Potty Training experience - similar to my labor and deliveries, I got lucky and it was easy!

    The first few months will be the worse because the baby is a newborn and fully dependent on you, I felt like I was constantly telling Jack to "hold on" "just a minute" "wait until sister is done"....etc for the first 2 months! I just tried to take one on one time with him at least once a day, for us it was bath time or reading a book before bed or watching Disney for 30 minutes.

    Either way, it will all work out and you adjust because you have to! You will find your own groove and be good, it might just take a few days, weeks!


  4. I hated having to tell Bailey "just a minute" sooo much when Brayden was a newborn but I just did my best to have her help out. It will all be OK and I agree that it's good to fit in some Hunter-mommy time. You are looking great and only gaining 23 lbs is definitely something to be proud of!

  5. LOVE the toilet seat letters! You are so adorable! Can't wait to see your squish soon!