Monday, June 17, 2013

Before I was a Mama...

How was everyone's Fathers Day yesterday? We had a great day together! After the hubs opened his swag (aka a custom mug designed and colored by Hunter, a framed picture of them, beer and a home made card) we hit up Denny's for breakfast. Then just spent the day as a family and went out of town for a bit. I am so lucky to have Ian as a husband and father to our child(ren). He has been such a hands on Dad and from day one has changed poopy diapers, cleaned up spit up and woke up in the middle of the night. I love you Ian (even though he won't see this because he doesn't read my blog haha)! 

Connect the dots at breakfast :)

Before I was a Mama...


I liked to take selfies: (oh wait I still do!)


Going to bed early was 11:00

Sleeping in (on weekends/summer) was 11:00 early was 8:00

Spur of the moment activities were endless

Always thought about myself 

I could get ready without any interruptions 

Could leave the house within 5 minutes if I needed too

Long car rides were no big deal

When I was sick I could lay in bed all day

When I wasn't sick I could lay in bed all day

I didn't realize that later I would be packing diaper bags with snacks, bottles/sippy cups, diapers, wipes and a change of clothes just to go out for a few hours.

I never understood why so many moms were on a "schedule"

I would not be prepared for the day when sleeping in was 8:00 am

I never knew how much I could love someone so small

I didn't know how much one tiny person could take up your thoughts

I couldn't imagine how it would be to care for someones every needs no matter the time or place and enjoy it 

I never knew I would be so obsessed with spying:

I never knew I would protect someone with my every move

I couldn't imagine cleaning up spit up without being grossed out (yes its gross but when its your own kids it doesn't bug you as much)

I NEVER EVER thought how much I couldn't imagine being without this tiny person would shatter me. 

I never thought that before I did anything I would think about how this would effect my child

I didn't know how much one tiny person could take up your whole heart and soul

I never ever thought I could love someone so much and only had known them for seconds

I truly love being Hunter's and soon to be Baby 2's Mama! When I think about life before him it seems SO long ago. I still love having fun and having time to myself, but for some reason my own needs don't matter as much anymore. Now, I still fully believe in taking care of myself and MAKING time for myself (going to the gym, time with the hubs and friends etc..) but my little guy is most important. No one truly understands this feeling until they have/adopt children of their own and it is AMAZING.





  1. Awww, girl, you are making me cry! I love this. And I agree with everything you said. A little tiny person can completely turn your whole world upside down and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. I just read your blog (referred over from Where we can live like Jack and Sally), and think it's very cool that your name is Annie and your son's name is Hunter, because MY name is Annie and my son's name is Hunter. I'm waaay older than you and my son is waaay older than your son, but still -it's cool! And I also got married when I was 22. Nice to read your blog!