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I'm Annie.
I am a just shy of 30 years old who is going to stay 29 forever (that can happen right?) I first developed this blog to follow my weight loss journey and then after going through that I got Cancer so I am now documenting my journey of fighting that. Cancer sucks, but I have so much to love and live for. My husband of almost 7 years is my rock. He is literally everything to me. My two boys are my whole world. My oldest is 4 (and a half as he would say!) And is such a smart yet shy and very sweet little fella. My younger dude is almost 2 and is energetic and such a mamas boy I love it! They both keep me going when the going gets tough.
I am a stay at home mama who loves working out, running (love/hate relationship) and shopping! I do enjoy baking but the bad part is I will eat it all so I try to avoid that. I love crafts and DIY stuff! Pretty much your normal stay at home mommy stuff but add in Wine to every occasion!

I'm Cait.
I am in my 20s, obsessed with everything beautiful - hair, makeup, pageants, you name it! I am in school finishing up a degree in IT Development and Security (I make web pages, do programming, and fix computers.) I've been married for 6 years to my husband Leif, and together, we have three little girls, Echo (age 6,) Scarlett (age 3,) and Ivy (age <1 year.) Echo is my little tornado, as she is a little ball of energy, always getting into things, asking questions, and being a handful. ;) Scarlett is my medical tornado - she is a sweet, quiet little redhead, but was born with many special needs, blindness, and brain conditions. Ivy is the happiest little girl in the world - as long as she is being held.
I live off of caffeine - energy drinks, coffee, tea, energy shots - did I mention I live off of caffeine? ;) I love all food, both eating and making it. In my "spare" time, I loooove to read books, watch television series, go shopping (shopping is a sport, right?!) and spending time with family and friends. I collect X-Men comic books, Trivial Pursuit board games, and random, useless knowledge to store in my A.D.D.-addled brain.

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