Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday

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We made it to the weekend y'all! Nothing changes for me except the hubs is around more, but lets celebrate! Today's post is just five random things so here we go!


1. Water balloon fights

Last week I got Hunter this contraption that fills up water balloons (and also acts a spritzer if you are hot haha). Well we broke it out this week and he is obsessed with "water boons."

2. Feeling GOOD

I have been feeling so damn good lately it's great! Yeah I'm in my third trimester and its uncomfortable but it sure beats the all day upset stomach and no energy! I have been lifting weights and walking at the gym almost every day and it feels amazing.


Just a quick selfie in the locker room I look like a freak :)

3. Playing outside

The weather has been hot, but I much prefer that over the cold. I love being outside with my little man as long as I'm not sweating my balls off too overly hot!

4. Smoooooothies

My amazing Mom spoiled me this Mothers Day and got me a Vita Mix (it's only the most bad ass blender around). It pulverizes the shiz out of whatever you put in it. I make the most delicious smoothies in that sucker and Hunter eats spinach or carrots everyday and doesn't even know it. Score!


5. I Miss my Margaritas

Labor Day weekend mudslide and margarita party at my place. This mama will be pumping and dumping that night :)

Have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. We started the whole water balloon thing this week as well. Not sure if that was the greatest idea because now that is ALL I hear about. :)

    I'm a new follower :) I would love for you to come visit me at

  2. I wouldn't judge you! Infact, I would ask you to make my margarita a double. I missed margaritas too during my pregnancy. Go you, keeping up with the weights. Have a fabu weekend.

  3. You are a rock star for working the weights! That smoothie looks amazing!