Monday, September 29, 2014

Motivation Monday: Favorite Weightloss Tools....

Happy Monday! Today I'm linking up for Motivation Monday with a bunch of my favorite fitness bloggers. I had a rough weekend and didn't make the best choices because we went out of town..HOWEVER, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And it certainly wasn't as bad as I ate before May of this year. 

We headed about 3 hours away to visit my In-Laws this weekend. My Mother in Law wanted to take the boys to get their pictures taken so we did and it was fun. H loved it he was such a ham! J kept running towards the photographer he would not sit still! They are SO different. We did get some great pictures though and I am so excited for our Christmas cards. I even jumped in couple of the pictures with them because of course I can't resist getting my picture taken. I can't wait to share them with y'all! We also took the boys to the mall and they did really good for five hours of shopping...thank goodness for the double stroller.....

Anyway onto the Motivational Monday part. There are some things I've gotten recently that have really helped in some way with coming closer to my goals so I thought I would share. 

1.) First off...a food scale. You do not realize how much cheese or how much meat you are eating if you just guess. I realized how inaccurate my guesses were when I got this. This is the one I have from amazon (it's on sale now for $12.99 holla!) If you are counting Macros this is a MUST.

2.) Shakeology. This shake literally changed my life. I've been hooked since May. It's like a million (not really but close) superfoods in one freakin shake! Plus it tastes great and I don't crave sugar once I've had my shakeology for the day. It fills me up and gives me energy. I have gone from 4 cups of coffee a day to TWO. I probably wouldn't need any but I love the taste. Yes, I'm a beachbody coach but I'm not just saying this to say it. This is the reason I signed up, and this is the reason I've stuck with working out and losing weight. If you wan't more info shoot me an email! :)

3.) My Fitness Pal. I LOVE this app. I am able to easily track my macros (by adjusting my goals to the macro percentages I want in your account section). The bar code scanner is crazy good now! I have not had one thing it didn't recognize and I eat some weird shit now and again so its GOOD! haha. My screen name is amkihara if you want to be buddys!

4.) QUEST Protein Bars. I buy these on amazon alot or at GNC. Amazon is a bit cheaper but sometimes I just need them NOW. These things are pretty much the cleanest protein bar you can get. Plus they taste pretty good especially if you pop them in the microwave. They have over 20g of protein and low low digestible carbs! My favorite flavors are cookies n cream, cookie dough and chocolate brownie! So good!!
5.) Polar ft4. I'm sure you see pictures of these heart rate watches all over IG. I just got mine last week and am OBSESSED. The best prices are on amazon. It comes with a strap to wear around your chest while working out (I don't even notice it) and it determines your calories burnt, heart rate range and time in your ideal heart rate range. I know there is more stuff but I can't list it off the top of my head. I just wanted an accurate calorie count on my workouts and this does it. I couldn't stand the estimates.

Anyways, thats it for now on my fave weightloss tools! I am trying some new things out this week that I will be blogging about soon. I am so excited to share but I can't until I see if I like it/them or not. Eeek I hate keeping secrets! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Plan of Attack:

I guess I better get back into the "Weigh in Wednesday" routine. Today's I am pretty excited about! I have been on a MAJOR plateau guys...we're taking same weight to the oz for the last 30 ish days. I was getting SO fed up. I was pissed, I was mad, I was upset. I didn't know what was wrong. I was still working out (T-25) and didn't give up on that once. I even did atkins for 2 weeks without ANY cheats and didn't lose a thing. (crazy right???). So last week I started reading more on IIFYM (If it fits in your Macros) and learning all I could about it. This past Sunday I finally implemented it...and TODAY I am down 1.5 lbs just in 3 days of this new plan. ALSO I am eating MORE than I was before. How does that work???

I'm sure some of you (all 3 readers ha) are like what the hell is IIFYM? Basically, its counting your MACRO nutrients: Carbs, Protein and Fat. You don't count calories just the macros. BUT since calories and your Macro's are directly correlated your macro amounts will equal a certain calorie amount. For example: I have a 40% Carbs/30% Protein/30%Fat plan right now. So I get 176 grams of carbs per day, 132 grams of protein and 59 grams of fat that should all total right around 1764 calories daily. To calculate your amounts go here: IIFYM CALCULATOR. You will need to know your body fat percent or kind of guesstimate if you've had it done recently. I will tell you mine: 35% CRAZY lots I know! BUT I will be to 25% BEFORE January 1st 2015 mark. my. words. Anyway, I'm getting off enter in all your info and it will give you your numbers. Then you will want to change your goals in my fitness pal so you can easily keep track. :) Google: changing goals in my fitness pal for IIFYM, and you will find some help.
I have NOT been hungry doing this-in fact I couldn't get all my food in today!

At first when I was reading about it I thought how freaking complicated I can't do this. But actually its not. It its exact but it gives you the exact nutrients you need daily to lose fat. Anybody can eat 1764 calories, but you may be eating way too many carbs and not enough proteins or fats and thats why you're not losing as fast. So I'm excited about this and will be keeping you updated.

So in My fitness Pal, it keeps everything totaled for you (no math YAY!) You just focus on the carbs, fat and protein sections. As you can see I didn't meet every number but I was just too full to eat anything else tonight.

As far as workouts I am on week 1 of the Beta (second part) of T-25. I thought the first 5 weeks in Alpha kicked my ass but he was just getting started. I love it since it's just 25 minutes a day, I get it done in the morning while the kids are sleeping...or during nap time if I "miss" my alarm. After this I am thinking p90x3 or the new p90. Still deciding on that one.

So thats my plan. I will be at my goal of losing 10% body fat by JANUARY 1st. I'm not going to put a weight goal in because I am more focused on the body fat percentage. However, I will still be weighing myself weekly to see progress and taking pictures.

hahaha anyone have this problem or is it just me????

I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday! And look forward to my Friday Faves (fitness edition) tomorrow. Holla!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Been a Long Time....

It has been FOREVER since I stepped back into "blog world", and I can say I truly truly miss it! I love writing and getting my thoughts out there. I've been going back and forth about when to start back up but I finally decided it was time to jump back in! I'm not working outside the home anymore so I feel like I can manage my time enough to fit this in for my sanity. Plus this blog was my major motivator with losing the baby weight with my first so I need it now more than ever. I've been back on the weight loss train since May and have been doing great but recently have hit a plateau (kill me) and have changed to counting my macros (IIFYM) and thought blogging about it would be a lot of help! I've lost about 20 lbs the past 5 or so months and its been slow. I notice the most difference in my stomach and face. Here is a picture comparing my face we will get into the full body before and durings on another day..... ;)

I'm going to stop with the weight loss talk for the rest of this post and save it for next time and now dish on my amazing kids! They are SO BIG. H is almost 4 and J is 14 months in a few days. I seriously don't know where baby hood went. I'm super sad about it but it is nice that J is able to play more now with H and is more independent. That doesn't mean my uterus isn't yearning for another baby (because it is) but I'm so happy and proud of my two boys right now and we're just in a good spot. J has been walking since 10 months so he is into ERRREEETHING. literally. We don't play out front unless he is in a stroller or strapped into his little bike because he seriously SPRINTS right into the street. So we prefer the backyard or parks away from busy roads. This little one definitely keeps me on my toes but he is so sweet. H started pre school and he loves it. He is a bit shy but has made a lot of friends, and absolutely loves his teachers. I am shocked at how smart this kid is but obviously he gets it from his mama!

I have SO many ideas to blog about and can't wait to dive in. Get ready for sweaty selfies and pictures of my cute boys oh and sarcasm...lots of sarcasm. I'm so glad to be back!!

just a typical day in the K house hold!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

WIW on a Thursday

I seriously cannot believe how fast a week goes by. It seems like I was just writing last weeks WIW post. I realize I'm a day late but my iPad decided to die on me while I was just about to write this. Better late than never right?
Well I'm going to cut right to the chase I only lost .6 lbs this week. I'm bummed especially because I started running more and working out at the gym I was expecting at least a 2 lb loss. I don't think the baileys and hot cocoa and wine helped the past few days!
On a positive note I am so pumped for my half! I'm so glad I've signed up already so I have no excuses to miss a run.
I've also been thinking about my ultimate goal weight. I would REALLY love to be back at this weight:

This was senior prom almost 10 years ago! Don't you love my Barbie dress? I still have it...hahaha! This is 50 lbs less than what I am now. Honestly, I don't think its realistic. I will work towards that goal but I'm going to say about 35 less than what I am now is what I would like to be. I'm going to stick to small goals and I still have 7 more to go until I meet my first mini goal.
I'm over halfway done with both diet bets I'm in. I have to lose 3.5 lbs in 10 days to win my mom's group one and 5 lbs in the next 14 days to win the Skinny Meg one. I think both are doable! I logged back into My Fitness Pal today and am going to be tracking everything that goes into my mouth. I rocked it today and am under my goal and not hungry. I am craving some wine but I just gotta forget about it... (deep breaths.....I don't need wine I don't need wine......)
Well I am going to attempt to catch up on some trashy reality TV aka Teen Mom 2 and Real Housewives of BH Yeahhhh buddy :) Let's rock this Thursday!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Meal Prep

About 2 months ago I started prepping meals on Sunday so I would have easy lunches for work and dinners that were healthy (since I'm the only one that eats healthy in the house). Let me tell you I put it off like it's the worst chore ever but once I'm done I feel I did when I "beat" Bowser on Super Mario yes I just said that. This week was a quick prep since my kiddos are sick but I will go through it anyway.
  • Hard boiled eggs (great snack)
  • Quinoa (I made it then cut up sunburst grape tomatoes and mixed them in)
  • Dreamfields brand low carb noodles (I just boil a couple servings and put them in tupperwares in the fridge with ragu light pasta sauce on them. When I pack lunch with them I throw a few power meatballs on top).
  • Power Meatballs:
  • Salsa chicken
  • I also made a yummy new creation. I cut up turkey sausage and sautéed it with some fresh green beans I seasoned it with garlic and chilli powder it is delish!
  • A batch of brown rice
I totally forgot to take pictures but hopefully you get the idea. I would say I'm eating clean these days around 60% of the time. I'm proud of myself for that. Like other people have said I too will never be a true clean eater. I enjoy treats and alcohol too much. Moderation is key and I am happy with how things have been going. In the evening I enjoy a skinny cow mint ice cream sandwich and all is right with the world. Before I would eat a big bowl of ice cream with way too much chocolate syrup probably 500 calories easily...gross.
Do you meal prep? Got any tried and true favorites?
Join me tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mother F'n Monday!

Thanks to the beautiful and f'n awesome Darcy for this post idea!

First off I am in TWO mother f'n diet bets right now. I'm on the right track and I love the motivation they give me. One is a smaller one with my moms group and the other is the huge Skinny Meg one. The thing about the huge ones is I feel a lot of people cheat, I know they verify pictures but there's always someway to cheat...which pisses me off that people do that but f them I guess!

Secondly, I have two sick babies. My little guy has his first ear infection. We went to the dr this morning and got him started on meds and breathing treatments thankfully.he started having screaming fits and not napping this past weekend so now I know why. Poor little man I'm just relieved that he will be getting better STAT!

Going off of the sick baby thing F you daycare! Don't get me wrong day cares are awesome for socialization and hunter (my older one) does great but little Jack just hasn't been taking it well. Thankfully we found the perfect nanny that starts this week and I actually know her and trust her. She just stopped nannying for another family and was looking for a new one so it is perfect timing. Also a friend of mine that works similar hours is going to bring her little girl over so hunter has a friend his age and we are sharing the cost! It works out great for everyone.

I'm working on my meal prep today since I have the day off so I will post on that tomorrow! I did great eating this weekend except for the hot cocoa and baileys I enjoyed yesterday (and then wine) but still it's a win!


Have a great mother f'n Monday!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Before I get into the weigh in I want to share how lately I just despise doing workout dvd's. For some reason I have NO motivation at home...zilch. The past two days I've canceled my date with Jillian and I feel like shit for it. I think it's because I feel like my time at home is spread thin. Between pumping, playing with the kids and cleaning my time after work is precious. It would be much better if I could go somewhere to run right when I get off and then head home so I don't have to think about it anymore. TODAY after work I am checking out the gym, and most likely signing up. I miss running so bad. The weather has not been conducive to be able to run outside so this mama is depressed. I also want to start lifting heavy. The gym near my work is pretty legit. If you workout 12 times in the month your membership is FREE, if you want to have 24 hour access you just pay 10.00. If you don't meet the 12 times the cost is around 25.00. So it's pretty good motivation to get your workout in! I get off work in the mid afternoon so I will be going straight there after work 3 times a week at least. I am SO excited to join a gym again!
Now onto the part you've (no just me?) been waiting for....
This past week I've lost 1.6 lbs! Not as great as my 3 last week but I'll take it. With hunters birthday party (I got chocolate wasted) and left over pizza I'm happy with my loss. So I'm just 7.4 lbs away from my first goal! Now the hubs needs to wake up so I can move a marble into my "pounds lost" jar haha!

So I've got meals prepped for this week and am going to continue eating healthy. I feel so much better and do not feel bloated anymore. I'm chugging water still and now I've noticed my skin isn't as dry. There are so many benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle I don't know why it's so hard for me...oh wait its because bad food tastes SO good!
I was browsing through Pinterest and saw this quote:
"The longer the shelf life the shorter yours"
So I need to remember that! Sorry no pictures today I am late on getting ready for work! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hunter's 3rd Birthday and weekly workouts!

My first son pretty much got screwed in the birthday department because it is SO close to Christmas. Due to that, we always have his party a couple weeks after his actual birthday. This year since he is obsessed with pirates we did a pirate theme.

I am not a Pinterest mom. This party was thrown together pretty quick but he had a blast and no one got a concussion while the piñata was getting hit!




My mom took some great pictures but I don't have those yet so you will have to settle for mine. I couldn't get him to sit still he was having too much fun!!

At the party we had a chocolate fondue bar with pineapple, apples, marshmallows and other yummy stuff to dip....yeah let's just say I didn't eat clean that day....

Anyway here is my weekly workout plan:

Sunday: Jillian michaels cardio kickboxing (done)

Monday: Jillian 30ds level 1

Tuesday: JM cardio kickboxing

Wednesday: 8 min tone it up you tube workout (busy busy day)

Thursday: JM 30 DS level 2

Friday: JM cardio kickboxing

If the weather cooperates I really want to get out and run so I may add that in. I will let you all know how much I accomplished on Follow through Friday!

I hope you all make it a great Monday! Tomorrow I have some more clean meal planning ideas!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow through Friday: Small Goals

When I saw that some of my favorite bloggers were hosting this awesome weekly link up I had to jump in. I mean this is perfect for me. I have some big resolutions and this will help me stick to them.

So I'm starting off my first Follow through Friday with some non-scale victories:

-I've drank 80-100 plus oz of water per day the past week.

-My nicer work pants I bought since all my other pre pregnancy ones were too tight are now falling off. Like so much that I can't wear them anymore. I'm happy but I still don't fit into my pre prego ones and I refuse to buy a size bigger... so I am wearing leggings and dresses or tunics every friggin day. Which I don't mind..... :)

I also decided to start with some small goals when it comes to weight loss. I dusted off my little weight loss jars and put 9 marbles in the "pounds to lose" jar. So my first goal is 9 measly pounds...I can do this. I just lost 3 in 6 days so I'm hoping to do 9 in the next 3 weeks. After this first goal I will set another small goal and go from there. I don't think any of my weight loss goals will be over 10 lbs at a time.  It just seems so much more doable to me if they are smaller.

Also, when I lose my first goal of 9 lbs I will be the same weight I was in the above picture. Yay! This was taken fall 2012ish.

What are some of your small goals? Do you prefer small or big (goals....hahaha)?

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday...just a quickie

Now get your minds out of the gutter...this is just a quick post!

I am pretty happy with what I saw on the scale this morning :) since last Thursday whenI started eating healthy, the jmdvdchallenge and have ran a couple times I have lost 3 lbs. 3 lbs in less than a week? I'll take it! Officially less than what I was BEFORE the holidays! Can I get a woo hoo?!

Since this is such a short post I thought I would post a selfie, I'm wearing glasses today because my contacts are hurting my eyes........

And a little Pinterest quote thingie that I like:


I promise I will have a better post tomorrow! Have a happy hump day lovies!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

It's the truth. When I take the time to meal prep it makes it a WHOLE lot easier to eat healthy and stick with clean eating. Even just having a plan of what you're going to eat helps tremendously.

One of my favorite blogs for recipes and tips is

My two go to super easy recipes that I like to make from their are:

Salsa Chicken and Power Meatballs

First of all the salsa chicken requires pretty much no effort. It is so easy. I make it and then put individual servings in zip lock baggies then put those baggies into a freezer bag and freeze it. The night before I just pull one of those out of the freezer and put some brown rice in a tupperware (or I use the minute brown rice cups you microwave) and I have my lunch for work. I also freeze the power meatballs as well. I use brown rice pasta and the Ragu LIGHT marinara sauce and throw those bad boys on top for a healthy lunch or dinner. Have any of you used the dreamfields low carb pasta before? I made some the other day and it was amazing! I just picked it up at walmart its about $1 more expensive than regular pasta. I may start using that instead of brown rice pasta or mix them.


Another idea for the salsa chicken is to put it over a salad. In this picture its over one of those Kale Salad Kits from Costco (don't use the high cal poppyseed dressing that comes with it). I just put a little balsalmic vinegar over the top.


I will post more of my recipes and food ideas throughout the next few weeks. TOMORROW is weigh day! I am pretty excited I think it will be a good one! Have a great Tuesday!



Monday, January 6, 2014

Post Weekend...and I look pregnant.

Ahh it's Monday morning and I overslept (big surprise). So this is quick post I'm writing while I pump!

I stated pretty much on track this weekend except for dinner Saturday night. The hubs made feta and bacon stuffed steaks with baked potatoes and yum. But I've found that making healthier choices is not that hard when you take before pictures of yourself for the #jmdvdchallenge and a dietbet that make you feel like your 22 weeks pregnant all over again. Yeah I said it I look like I'm pregnant...but I'm not.....when I looked at those pictures I knew something has got to change. Am I going to post the pictures? You betcha! Just not today...

This weekend was pretty relaxing and my baby boy had sweet potatoes for the first time!

He barely had any on his face after because he loved them so much. I gave half of the little container and when it was gone he started crying so I gave him the rest of it! I've got a big eater on my hands. We are introducing solids pretty slow since I believe "food is fun until one" (thanks to my online Mommy group)! We're doing purees now and when he is able to start grabbing chunks of food and eating it (around 6.5 or 7 months) we will do more of a baby led weaning approach where they have pieces of actual food instead of purees.

And to go back to a more fitness related topic...I started running this weekend again! So I will be doing my Jillian workouts as well as running. Let me tell ya I prefer running well over Jillian Michaels but I am doing the JM dvd challenge so I will stick with my nemesis Jillian for a while.

I also dun dun dun....

SIGNED UP FOR MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!! YES I'm that excited I had to put it in all caps! It's on May 17th so I have a while to train. But I am PUMPED and scared...but since I've signed up it will scare me into keeping up with training. Does anyone have any good half training plans??

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Lets stay motivated!



Friday, January 3, 2014


Hey hey it's Friday!! Now that I work I truly understand how freakin awesome a weekend is. Any day that I get to sleep later than 6 am is A ok in my book!

I've found that I tend to get a little "lax" with my food and exercise on the weekends I need me some MOTIVATION...

I won't accept this body I'm in now. I know I'm not living to my full potential. Therefore I am making changes.


its easier to give up on things when they get hard or uncomfortable. Nope I'm not giving up this time.


I am so excited to feel better in my own skin to get back to my old self. I've gotten my discipline back!


I'm scared shitless of running a half marathon. What may be easy to some freaks me out. But I'm so excited to get out of my 3 mile comfort zone and do this!


This is my plan. No more cant's. Making my dreams realitys.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And don't fall off the wagon!


Thursday, January 2, 2014 its getting real

Wow that was a freakishly long blogging hiatus, but I really needed to focus on my family. My boys are 3 years old and 5 months now!!! Where does time go??



2013 was truly an amazing year. Here are the highlights:

  • I had my second baby Jack on July 27. 7lbs 3 oz easiest delievery ever. Such a happy and calm baby he is adorable!!
  • I found the perfect part time job at a local bank in their operations department. Its a great balance so I can get outside the house but not be away all the time.
  • I completed the advocare 10 day cleanse. I started the day after Thanksgiving and rocked it out. Honestly, the fiber drink wasn't that bad (like everyone says) I seriously chugged it faster than when I shotgunned beers in the good ol days though. I lost 12 lbs in the month of November won a diet bet and then fucked it all up in December. I haven't weighed myself yet but I know the holiday weight gain got to me.
  • My big boy turned the big 3! It is so weird to say I have a 3 year old. This was just a few days ago and his party is in a week and a half so I will post pics then.
  • I've stuck with breastfeeding. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I gave up on it with my first. Now we're 5 months in and going strong! I love supplying all the nutrition for my little one.
  • Most importantly I have found a whole new love for Christ our saviour. I've always believed in God and prayed and went to church. But this past year I have seen miracles happen through the power of prayer and I have found that I can give my worries to God and he will help me through. I feel so blessed and thankful words cannot describe how happy and full I feel.
This past year I've learned that I can handle much more than I think. I was SO worried about having two kids to take care of now I think its a walk in the park. Are some days hard? Yes but even the hard days I look back on and think that it wasn't that bad! I seriously could get pregnant now and be happy but the hubby does not like that idea haha! I've realized my house does not have to be perfect. That I can let a few things go as long as it's sanitarily clean a little lot of clutter is fine with me. I've seriously chilled out so much and it feels so good. I still am a mild worry wart (mainly about my kids) but in other aspects it has gotten much better. Maybe its because I have found a new love for Yellow Tail Moscato and dark beer but who knows?

2014 Resolutions:

1. Continue to work on my relationship with Christ. Make it stronger by praying every day and thanking God for all my blessings.

2. MANAGE our money. I recently read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and we have completely re done our budget. Those student loans we thought were going to take 27 more years to pay off? Yeah they will be gone in 3.5 years (and they are not small loans by any means). Also our credit card and auto loan debt will be paid off in less than 2 years. It's going to be hard to stick to the budget but my online shopping habit addiction is now officially broken. I took my cards off of Amazon and pay pal and only use cash for the most part....dun dun dun...I will keep you all updated on our experience with this.

3. Run a half. I am really pumped for this one. Since I was pregnant over half of last year I wasn't able to run, and finding time with a new baby was hard. But now that he is a little older I feel comfortable going for a run after work. I am joining a gym in February after the New Years Rush dies down. And throughout January I am doing a Jillian Michael DVD challenge for my workouts:

Go visit Mel or Holly for more info on that.

4. Start lifting again. As in weights. I am really excited for this.

5. Keep breastfeeding until Jack is one.

5. Be present. Play more with my kids. Listen more and talk less :) Be more patient.



Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year! Let's all kick 2014's ass!