Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Wedding Day!

I am so excited to be linking up with two of my FAVORITE bloggers Melanie and Holly, these girls kick ass and take names daily!

I got married almost 5 years ago at the ripe old age of 22. I always thought I would get married MUCH later in life but things change when you fall in love with a snowboard instructor with gaged ears that works for your Step Dad. I remember when we first started dating my Step Dad warned me "Be careful with him he is a womanizer!" I honestly did not know what that meant. I looked it up and he definitely wasn't he was (is) the sweetest and most thoughtful guy ever. Another post for another day...anyway, onto the link up questions!

Greek Orthodox Church
We had a traditional Greek Orthodox Ceremony

Hot magenta pink and Navy Blue

Bridal Party:
Maid of Honor: Lindsey (BFF)
Christina (BFF)
Kristen (awesome vegan friend)
Linsey (awesome body builder friend)
Christina (cousin)
Analisa (cousin)
Ian had the same amount of groomsmen I'm not going to list those nuts right now :)

First Dance Song:
It's super cliche but it was "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. We tried to dance to all these Jack Johnson songs that we both loved but they just didn't work. Plus whenever this song came on the radio I would cry so it worked out. 

Jackson Hole, WY (snowboarding destination)
What would you do different?
Not forget to wear my garter! (Right after I did the bouquet toss Ian lifted my dress to get my garter and ooooppsss nothing there!)
Not stress so much.
Not so big!!

Keepin it classy
Full view of my dress

Right before the ceremony my bridesmaid Kristen was like "hey you still have time to ditch this place!"
I love this picture
Walking down the aisle after the hour long ceremony! Ready to party!

So if you haven't already go link up with these two lovely ladies! You won't regret it I promise!


  1. What a great wedding! You looked stunning!

  2. I like that you forgot your garder. I forgot my husbands wedding band. OOPSIE!haha
    A couple of friends of mine are Greek Orthidox and I remember their ceremonies. It was neat to attend a different type of ceremony than the mainstream.
    I'm glad your day was wonderful(minus the missing garder) ;)

  3. Gorg dress!!! I just love all the smiles! Looks like a happy, fun day!

  4. Aw, I love that first kiss picture!! And navy and magenta sounds awesome!

  5. I love your song! It was one of my top choices too :)

  6. My favorite picture is the one of you pulling a beer. :)

  7. Im loving the beer pic!!! LOL