Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Big Decision.

A few months ago I decided not to work after this school year ended. It was a hard decision because I really do enjoy my work, but the money I would bring home after day care expenses isn't worth It. Im pretty worried about not working and not having extra funds when needed. I have been researching different ways to save money and still live without worrying too much! I'm going to share with you all soon how I'm going to handle the finances now because you know this mama likes to shop!

I realize this decision isn't for everyone. Being a working mom and a stay at home mom both have their own challenges. Most of the time I would prefer to work but with having two kids day care costs would be pretty expensive and I have been having a hard enough time getting to work on time with one crazy kid. A lot of people say that they would go crazy staying at home, but really i'm already at least half way to the looney bin. Plus i have other plans to keep me sane:

In January I'm going back to school so i can make mo' money when I do go back to work.


I'm going to be working out/running/lifting like its my job about 4-6 weeks after I pop this little one out. This mama is getting her booty back quick y'all. ;)


I can't wait to snuggle one of these again!

So now I need advice from those who are or have been stay at home mamas. How did you keep your sanity? Also, how do I entertain my almost 3 year old while taking care of a baby? I'm sensing some huge tantrums in my near future when my big man isn't getting all the attention (and from my son too lol)!




  1. my biggest advice is let the three y.o help! I always ask "can you be my helper and get xx for me?" and she usually helps and say "mommy I help you" makes my heart smile :) ,, the hardest part for me after baby number two was trying to keep a schedule for breakfast lunch and dinner ..good luck !!

  2. You're a brave woman! I admire your willing to sacrifice your "day job" for your family. I could never be a stay at home mom and appreciate the hard work you'll be putting in to raising your little ones and making sure your family is provided for with a smaller income. You'll do awesome and be showing off that post baby bod in no time!

  3. I decided to make the same decision when I had my second, daycare is so expensive! I recommend writing out a schedule, I found that it helped me to not just sit at home because it seems easier but it isn't always, my older one just needed to get out since he was so use to it. Plus I would forget to feed him, I know that sounds horrible but I would seriously look at him trying to figure out why he was having a meltdown and then I would realize that it was 12 and he was use to eating lunch at 11 at school. Everyone is different and I am sure that you will be great but a schedule made my life so much easier, I could follow on autopilot when I was sleep deprived. =)

  4. I'm not a stay at home mom, unfortunately. But from what my mom tells me it is easy to take care of two or more babies than just one. She said that the older baby usually entertains the younger one. And that helps when you need to get stuff done around the house. Obviously that won't be the case for the first few months when your newborn is too tiny for big brother to play with. I know a lot of my co-workers' wives like to do mommie-and-me classes offered around town, go to the library for story time, lots of park time and such.

  5. Go on play dates!!!!! If you don't know anyone else who stays home go to the park, start chatting w/ the other mom's and in no time you'll have some new friends to meet up w/. Find every cheap/free thing to do in your town and nearby towns and utilize those!!! Library!!!! Free and kids seem to love them!!! Sign your little guy up for story hour! The park is always free and another winner -- wears the little ones out so they'll take a nap and mommy can have some free time. My one rule -- quiet time every afternoon. During the school year it's not a big deal b/c Bren still naps, but in the summer while Bren is napping Aiden is in his room playing and reading quietly for 1 hr. W/o it I'd go nuts!!! Walks are free AND good exercise (double bonus). As for keeping your oldest entertained, make up some kits/boxes w/ stuff in them to pull out while you're feeding/bathing/whatever the baby. Stuff like McDonald's toys, coloring books and crayons, little puzzles -- just mix it all up and make them things that he wouldn't normally have out to play w/. Legos!!! Get on Pinterest for more ideas! :) Sorry so long! And have an email buddy (I volunteer!!) to look forward to hearing from every day, always one of my daily hilites! :)

  6. I don't stay at home so I have zero advise! And I didn't even keep Jack home with me while on maternity leave with Bean, so I'm no help there either! Good Luck, I don't think I could do it therefore, you are a better Momma than I! xo

  7. I don't stay at home - so I don't have advice but I love you!!! that's all.. hahaha