Monday, June 3, 2013

Yard Sales and Flower Pots

Well I don't know about you but I had a pretty busy weekend. It was nice to be at home and not out of town somewhere...I feel like I'm always going and that is coming to a stop. My little family needs time at home together and not always road tripping somewhere (sorry parents and in laws!) The amount of trips is going to be cut in half. I hate doing it but gas is crazy expensive and it is really uncomfortable for me sitting for long periods of time in a car. Our house is always open for our families to come visit us though. I'm also trying to get used to being at home more since baby # 2 is coming soon. Is hard enough traveling with a toddler now a toddler and a baby? Ugh I'm scared. I know we will get the hang of it....

Saturday we had a yard sale and it went pretty well. I have never had one before, so i'm not really sure why I did but it worked! My neighbor and I did it together so it was kind of fun. We only did it Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00. I got rid of a bunch of junk (to me), because my nesting is getting crazy. No closet is being left untouched in my house!!


Sunday we worked on the yard, and by "we" I mean that the hubs did all the hard shit and I planted flowers. But hey I have an excuse. I do NOT have a green thumb whatsoever but the pots turned out pretty cute. Plus, I had a super cute "helper" aka someone who makes certain tasks take double the time....haha but I love it!!

I actually have some pretty decent posts for the week:

-Going from a two to one income family

-Pinterest dinners I love

Well I'm going to go back to eating my Ben and Jerry's half baked (don't worry it's the fro yo!)

Have a fab Monday!!




  1. OMG I want some of that fro yo - bad... Too cute pics..

  2. I totally agree with you that you and your family need that down time on the weekends to relax and enjoy each other's company. My little family and I have been on the go each weekend as well. I finally had a down weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. I'm glad you had a fun and successful yard sale. Those can be fun.

  3. It's hard to say "enough" when it comes to visiting family. When we lived an hr from family it was always us making the trip, very rarely they came up to see us. It's not fun dragging littles around on yet another car trip. Luckily my boys traveled well. :)