Friday, July 26, 2013

These Last Moments...

(This Post was written on Wednesday....)

My last post I sounded very impatient with wanting this baby out. And while I am excited to have my new baby boy I am a little sad about losing my one on one time with Hunter. So today Hunter and I had fun. I wanted to relish in our last moments of just him and I together during the day. I didn't want to say no so I said yes. And it was perfect. Now I wouldn't do this every day but once in awhile he deserves it. Honestly, he is really well behaved for a 2 year old. The hubs would disagree, but during the day when it's just me and him it is pretty awesome. He is pretty much well behaved on play dates and shares so well with other kids. Of course I'm biased. When the hubs gets home from work Hunter gets a little wild. I think it's just because he hasn't seen his Dad all day.

Anyway, back to today. We woke up and lounged around and watched cartoons. Then he asked for macaroni (ok I did say No to that haha). BUT we had macaroni for lunch! After breakfast he wanted to go outside. First we went on a mile walk.. He loves his stroller lately. We had a good time and went a different way and found some random baby cows calves. Hunter loved it. Except he was super worried because they had flies all over their faces haha.

Then we played outside for like an hour and a half. I just relaxed and played and not worried about what I had to get done around the house. It was great.

We were hot so we came in had some popsicles and decided to bake. He loves to help me in the kitchen so I found a super easy lemon bar recipe on pinterest: Here.


We added sprinkles because...why not?!

After our baking sesh we enjoyed some healthy macaroni and bananas for lunch (not mixed together), and washed it down with some chocolate milk. It was amazing. ;) We cuddled and watched cartoons and then took a 2 and a half hour nap! WOW! it was pretty much the best!

We finished out the day by giving my car a bath (in Hunter's words) and let me tell you my car needed it bad! He was soaking wet by the time we were finished so we just dried off in the sun...

I'm not sad about my newest addition, but I'm going to miss these days with just Hunter and I. I know when we have baby # 2 and get in our routine I won't want to go back to just the two of us. I hope Hunter understands how much I love him even though I will spending alot of time with the baby in the begining. Eventually, he won't remember I just dont want him to feel like he's losing his Mom. Everybody feels this way right???

Soon we will be a fully functional family of 4. I can't wait to meet my new little man but I'm going to enjoy these last few days of a family of 3. <3




  1. Sprinkles make everything better. I remember thinking Elle would feel that way and now Wes is 3 and Elle and I are bff's - it's hard - not gonna lie but it all evens out:)

  2. Burley!!? I'm going to burley today! Wade is running the spudman tomorrow and we are camping out tonight!!! Yayyyy for Idaho bloggers!!!!

  3. Are you going to post on IG so we know you've had the little one? Or should I be friending you on FB? :) Can't wait!

  4. Just recently found you and we are in the same boat. I'm due tomorrow with baby #2 and have been dealing with the same emotions. We are actually going to be induced tomorrow and try for a vbac. I'm nervous, but SO ready. Can't wait to see how things go for you.