Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hunter's Birth Story

Well I figure since baby # 2 is coming VERY soon I better put up Hunter's birth story before I block out forget much more of it. Let me tell ya it was not a walk in the park. I am not like Darci and sneeze and my baby pops out. :) Just so you know there may be some graphic details in here!

The last 6 weeks or so of my pregnancy I had pretty high blood pressure it was around 170/100. Which is super high for me. My normal is 110/60. So I had to go in all the time for non stress tests and a bunch of other fun stuff. Finally they set a date for my to get induced, Dec 28, 2010 at just a few days before 39 weeks. I was so excited to meet him and was eagerly getting everything ready. My house was perfect, we had just built it and moved in a few months earlier so it was not cluttered and full of toys and junk like it is now. Then I had planned to just relax until I got induced.

Well, of course like most things with babies plans change. On December 27 at about 3:00 am my water broke in bed. I woke up and at first thought I pissed myself. I got up to go change and go to the bathroom but it just kept leaking out (gross I know). I'm calling for the hubs from our master bath he must have been sleeping super deep because I had to yell for him like a million eight times. I told him I was leaking and he was so confused, then realized what I meant and was like we have to go now. I still wasn't completely convinced it was my water breaking, so I called the hospital. They wanted me to come in and I was not excited about it. But we got everything ready I ate some cinnamon swirl toast and headed to the hospital.

Then contractions started on the way there. I honestly don't remember them being too bad. We got to the hospital and my doctor checked me and said yep we're having a baby today! It was his day off and I was scared he wasn't going to deliver him, but he ended up staying...my doctor rocks! About an hour later I got some IV drugs they didn't even help with the pain just made me super loopy and drunk feeling. I'm not getting those this time. Then 45 minutes after that I got an epidural...best. thing. ever. I went from 4 cm dialated to 10 cm in about 45 minutes after that. They gave me an hour to rest and then it was baby time. I thought I would just push him out in a couple minutes. Of course it didn't work like that. I pushed and pushed and pushed for 3 and a half hours. I thought for sure I was going to have to get a C- Section. Then my doc came in and was like OK we're getting this baby out! I was thanking The Lord I was exhausted and had about 12 cups of ice chips and just wanted to be able to have the baby and drink some actual water.

I was so freakin exhausted from pushing so long, but I knew this was it, it had to be done. He ended up having to use a vacuum and my baby was born! Honestly, it sucked, it was hard and it was disgusting but it was the best day ever. I got to meet my beautiful baby boy for the first time and he was perfect.

To me, the scariest part of being pregnant is the unknown of labor and delivery. I'm freaking out a little but I know the end result will be perfect just like last time!




  1. You will do great. You are strong and you can do this - you did it before. Promise...

  2. OH my goodness. That second pic melts my heart. It is a scary thing to not know exactly when the baby is coming and especially if there is a medical condition(preclemps) behind it.
    When I didn't see you post yesterday I got excited thinking maybe you had the baby. I can't wait to see baby #2!

  3. I had a vacuum assist as well! A little scary, but so worth it! The pics are adorable! What a cutie!