Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday & Bare Belly

Linking up with the fabulous Darci today!!

1. Lactation Cookies

um what the....yes I made lactation cookies and they are amazing. Anyone can eat them. The hubs was scared he was going to start producing milk...I was like good maybe you can help out after the baby gets here! hahaha. Here's the recipe. They are basically chocolate chip cookies but you add whole oats, flax seed and brewers yeast (which is what really helps with milk supply). I wrapped packs of two cookies in plastic wrap then threw them in a freezer bag so I can just take a couple out at a time. They are so GOOD though!

2. New Hairs!

I got my hair did yesterday and it feels so good! My roots were outta control man. I went alot blonder...yee haw now I can have even more fun!

3. Bare belly and MAJOR farmers tan!

EEk Can't believe I'm posting this but I've been wearing a tankini when we go swimming and this is the result...super casper white belly! hahah! Butttt who doesn't love baby bellies right?? RIGHT?

4. Enjoying Food

In my last few weeks of pregnancy I have been enjoying my cravings. My biggest ones lately:
5. Morning Walks
Hunter has fallen back in love with the jogging stroller. We took it out last week and a freakin tire popped for the millionth time. I took the stroller into Les Schwab and had no flat tires put on so suck it stroller!! No more flats for us! We've been walking about a mile and a half every morning.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Enjoy it, party it up or sleep...because I know I won't be doing the latter two. ;)


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  2. So, I just found your blog today through the linkup and I have to admit that I have been stalking for about ten minutes and love your posts!! Your little boy is precious and you are an adorable prego lady :) Congrats on another boy!!!

  3. I desperately need a jogging stroller but I have no idea where to even start! I found you blog today and enjoyed it!

  4. Love that bare belly! Too cute! And the hair is fabulous! I'm going this afternoon to have more blond put in my ombre! yay!


  5. hahah i seriously had no idea there was such thing as lactating cookies! that is pretty incredible! I will have to try that in a couple weeks! lovin' the belly!
    found your blog through the link up!! super dang cute! just catching up on the rest of your posts! :)

  6. Love me some swiss cake rolls!
    Your hair looks awesome, and the belly pic is adorable!