Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Post Baby Self...

When I first started my blog I shared my story of being a new Mom. A new stressed out Mom. I had Post Partum Depression but didn't know how to handle it (more on that in a future post). I know here in blog land we write a lot of letters to "past selves" but I am writing this today to my future self, my 2 -3 weeks from now self.

Dear New Mom of TWO,

First of all wow, I can't believe you're a mom of two precious boys! Your world is changing by the second but it'll slow down. For now enjoy the chaos and the few moments of peace. Remember that you only get this time with them once and soon they will be wanting to leave and do things on their own. Although it is hard work being a mom it is just a tiny, amazing and gratifying time in life. When you want to pull your hair out (and you will) think about how much these boys need you and count on you and most importantly look up to you. Count to ten before losing patience with your two year old...just breath. Read stories to him while your nursing the new baby, have Hunter bring you diapers and wipes, plan out time for just you and him daily.

Make sure you are eating properly (last time it would be 2 in the afternoon sometimes before you would remember to eat.) Take time to nourish yourself with healthy meals so you can turn around a give your baby the nutrition he needs. It's okay if he cries for a minute when you're getting your meal ready he will be fine.

Don't overdo it. If the house is messier than normal oh well. Try to do one thing each day not ten things half assed. it will make you feel better.

Get "semi" ready. In the first weeks enjoy lounging around. Wear what you want those around you are ones who have seen you at your worst so who cares?! After that slowly start getting back into getting ready, now you don't need all your make up. But sometimes doing your hair, some mascara and pants that don't have an elastic waist band are all you need.

Think about yourself positively. Don't hate your body it has put in a lot of work the past 9 months. Unfortunately we are not all Giselle or Heidi Klum and do not bounce back in 4.5 days. Everything shrinks back when you treat your body right.

Ask for help. If you are desperately tired one day let Hunter go to "school" and play with his friends while you and baby nap. It'll do you good. Don't take on too many activities that you can't handle.

Make time for the hubs (this should be a lot further up on the list). He is a great Dad and helps so much. You both need your alone time and time to just be together. Put away your phone and talk. Set aside being a Mom for that time.

Don't stress about working out. Whether you deliver "normally" or c section your body will recover and you will workout again. Start with nourishing your body healthfully and then start your workout routine when you are completely healed.

Sit. Just sit. And if all else fails lock yourself in the bathroom!

Enjoy some wine. One glass of wine won't ruin your milk and remember you can always pump and dump. :) Just don't get too crazy with the margaritas!

I know you are stressing but don't! Find sanity in the chaos and enjoy the noise. Soon things will be too quiet and you will want all of the commotion back (just not the spit up and poopy diapers!)




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  1. Those are great words for your post baby self. It is really hard to keep a lot of that in mind once the baby arrives, isn't it? Taking time to be a wife and spend time with the hubby. I like how you said, "set being a mom aside" Your relationship as a spouse is still important when you become a mom. You sound like you have gotten a lot of wisdom under your belt from these past two years with Hunter. I know you will be a great mommie of two!