Monday, July 8, 2013

Independance Day and Prego updates!

How was everyone's 4th of July? Ours was pretty relaxed but way fun! It was hotter than a monkey's butt crack but I didn't complain complained the whole time I was outside. :) We went to my parents for most of last week. The hubs had work off so it was great.

Hunter had ear muffs for his first fireworks show and yes Ian is flipping me off in the bottom one!


chocolate wasted...My mom playing in the slip n side with him!

I got made fun of by some friends for Hunter wearing ear muffs at the fire works show...but honestly I didn't think it was that weird?! Am I wrong? We were like right by where they were shooting them off and it was LOUD. I just want to protect his ears. I'm sure he would have been fine without them, but it made me feel better...oh well..I love my friends and its all in fun but ain't nobody got time for "other mothering." (Does anyone know what show I'm referencing?? It's kind of embarrassing...) Hunter LOVED the fireworks though! He called them "popping things" and named all the colors while they were going cute. Best show ever.

And onto some fun pregnancy stuff. Exactly one more week until I'm considered "full term" or 37 weeks. So excited for that. Friday night while we were out of town (of course) I was having super painful contractions finally I called my doctor and he said to go into the nearest hospital. We got the contractions stopped and everything is all good now. :) Been having irregular braxton hicks contractions and lost my mucus plug (sick!) so we will see what happens!

I am seriously nesting like a fool, I cannot help myself. Need something organized or cleaned? I'm your girl. I wish I was like this all the time...or maybe not...who knows?

I'll leave you with some incredibly hot pics..



Anyways love y'all! Heres to a great week!




  1. Oh it's almost go time! Your pregnancy went by fast!!!

  2. You can see the finish line from here 37 weeks! I'm glad they able to stop the contractions. When I lost my mucus plug I had Eliana 24 hours later.
    You were not weird for putting ear muffs on Hunter. I probably would have done the same. It's better than having him fussy later because he can't hear well or have his little ears hurt.
    I would totally use your prego-maid service if we lived closer!ha