Monday, July 1, 2013

and another one bites the dust... was a great year! I started my weight loss and running journey and did things I never thought that I could. Then end of November I found out I was expecting again and here in a few short weeks I will have another beautiful baby boy in my arms. If you can't tell I'm really excited! I know it will be hard and I've talked about how stressed I am about having two kiddos but seriously it is such an amazing blessing and the lack of sleep won't last too long. Only like 15 more years until I get a full nights sleep right? ;)


Anyway, another year has "bit the dust" and although it was a good year I am so ready for the big 2-7. I have a lot of goals and I thought I would share them here.

  • STOP STRESSING - This is a biggie. I am such an OCD/Control Freak if one little thing doesn't go according to plan I am a full on nut case. I really feel bad for the hubs some days. Especially when I have baby # 2 I need to just relax and realize the house IS NOT going to be clean and we will eat off paper plates and maybe not get dressed some days...k? K!
  • Love myself more - This is a hard one. I am so hard on myself its ridiculous. I need to be more positive about my appearance instead of bashing the skin I'm in. I'm creating a life of course I'm going to gain weight. My body is going to be flabby after but look at what we've made? This baby is more than worth it. And I will put in the work to get my body back. (Another post on self image on a later date).
  • Breastfeed for 6 months (or more) - Whether its nursing or pumping this little one is getting natures finest. I gave up too easily last time and I regret it.
  • Hunter/Mommy time- Make sure Hunter gets alone time with his Mommy every single day, (I think I need this more than him haha).
  • Run not one but TWO half marathons- pretty self explanatory
  • Lift HEAVY - Put my muscles to the test and lift those bitches weights.
  • Treat my body with respect and stop eating all this bad stuff I've been enjoying my last month of pregnancy - lay off the ice cream/blizzards/chocolate covered cinnamon bears!
  • Be amazingly in shape for my ten year renunion next summer (2014) - I can't wait.
  • Go SKY DIVING for my 28th birthday. - one of my friends did it this year and I was so jealous I couldn't partake *cough*Julia*cough*
  • Show before after pictures on this blog (2 days after birth then 6 weeks then go increments of 10-15 lbs lost)- Yes I know your excited!

These are all going to take a lot of will power. But I proved to myself this past year that I have the dedication to do it. I am so thankful I have all of you to share this new and upcoming journey with me and make my 27th a crazy/fabulous year!



yeah i'm never going to stop planning...



  1. Aww, Happy birthday, Sweet Girl! I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration. Those look like some great goals. I really like "loving yourself more". I think that is one that a lot of struggle with but once you do get the hang of it life(weight loss) is more enjoyable.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love your list. Sky diving sounds super scary!

    Good luck with your goals :)

  3. Love this list and sky diving? Wow... you rock. Happy Birthday my dear friend.

  4. Happy Birthday. :) That's a great list and definitely attainable!

  5. I hope you had a great birthday, honey!

    You're so close to meeting baby K! Then...we will start keeping each other accountable for workouts. Deal?!

  6. Happy Birthday! You will rock your year 27 goals! Sky diving sounds amazing, but I'm not sure I could do it! Eek! Can't wait for that cute baby boy to make his grand blog appearance!