Monday, September 29, 2014

Motivation Monday: Favorite Weightloss Tools....

Happy Monday! Today I'm linking up for Motivation Monday with a bunch of my favorite fitness bloggers. I had a rough weekend and didn't make the best choices because we went out of town..HOWEVER, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And it certainly wasn't as bad as I ate before May of this year. 

We headed about 3 hours away to visit my In-Laws this weekend. My Mother in Law wanted to take the boys to get their pictures taken so we did and it was fun. H loved it he was such a ham! J kept running towards the photographer he would not sit still! They are SO different. We did get some great pictures though and I am so excited for our Christmas cards. I even jumped in couple of the pictures with them because of course I can't resist getting my picture taken. I can't wait to share them with y'all! We also took the boys to the mall and they did really good for five hours of shopping...thank goodness for the double stroller.....

Anyway onto the Motivational Monday part. There are some things I've gotten recently that have really helped in some way with coming closer to my goals so I thought I would share. 

1.) First off...a food scale. You do not realize how much cheese or how much meat you are eating if you just guess. I realized how inaccurate my guesses were when I got this. This is the one I have from amazon (it's on sale now for $12.99 holla!) If you are counting Macros this is a MUST.

2.) Shakeology. This shake literally changed my life. I've been hooked since May. It's like a million (not really but close) superfoods in one freakin shake! Plus it tastes great and I don't crave sugar once I've had my shakeology for the day. It fills me up and gives me energy. I have gone from 4 cups of coffee a day to TWO. I probably wouldn't need any but I love the taste. Yes, I'm a beachbody coach but I'm not just saying this to say it. This is the reason I signed up, and this is the reason I've stuck with working out and losing weight. If you wan't more info shoot me an email! :)

3.) My Fitness Pal. I LOVE this app. I am able to easily track my macros (by adjusting my goals to the macro percentages I want in your account section). The bar code scanner is crazy good now! I have not had one thing it didn't recognize and I eat some weird shit now and again so its GOOD! haha. My screen name is amkihara if you want to be buddys!

4.) QUEST Protein Bars. I buy these on amazon alot or at GNC. Amazon is a bit cheaper but sometimes I just need them NOW. These things are pretty much the cleanest protein bar you can get. Plus they taste pretty good especially if you pop them in the microwave. They have over 20g of protein and low low digestible carbs! My favorite flavors are cookies n cream, cookie dough and chocolate brownie! So good!!
5.) Polar ft4. I'm sure you see pictures of these heart rate watches all over IG. I just got mine last week and am OBSESSED. The best prices are on amazon. It comes with a strap to wear around your chest while working out (I don't even notice it) and it determines your calories burnt, heart rate range and time in your ideal heart rate range. I know there is more stuff but I can't list it off the top of my head. I just wanted an accurate calorie count on my workouts and this does it. I couldn't stand the estimates.

Anyways, thats it for now on my fave weightloss tools! I am trying some new things out this week that I will be blogging about soon. I am so excited to share but I can't until I see if I like it/them or not. Eeek I hate keeping secrets! 

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