Monday, January 20, 2014

Mother F'n Monday!

Thanks to the beautiful and f'n awesome Darcy for this post idea!

First off I am in TWO mother f'n diet bets right now. I'm on the right track and I love the motivation they give me. One is a smaller one with my moms group and the other is the huge Skinny Meg one. The thing about the huge ones is I feel a lot of people cheat, I know they verify pictures but there's always someway to cheat...which pisses me off that people do that but f them I guess!

Secondly, I have two sick babies. My little guy has his first ear infection. We went to the dr this morning and got him started on meds and breathing treatments thankfully.he started having screaming fits and not napping this past weekend so now I know why. Poor little man I'm just relieved that he will be getting better STAT!

Going off of the sick baby thing F you daycare! Don't get me wrong day cares are awesome for socialization and hunter (my older one) does great but little Jack just hasn't been taking it well. Thankfully we found the perfect nanny that starts this week and I actually know her and trust her. She just stopped nannying for another family and was looking for a new one so it is perfect timing. Also a friend of mine that works similar hours is going to bring her little girl over so hunter has a friend his age and we are sharing the cost! It works out great for everyone.

I'm working on my meal prep today since I have the day off so I will post on that tomorrow! I did great eating this weekend except for the hot cocoa and baileys I enjoyed yesterday (and then wine) but still it's a win!


Have a great mother f'n Monday!



  1. Girl! Haha! We need to work on a link up! Also, say least spell my name right, yo! LOL! DARC-I... Eek! Love You! Rock the shit out of this Mother F'n Monday!

  2. Awesome deal on the nanny! That is great for you!

    If you girls start this up as a weekly linkup I might be interested in joining you -- let me know! :)

  3. A nanny!! Nice! Can she watch my kids too?! Lol!!
    Way to go on the eating! I'm waaaaaay off track!
    And I hope Jack starts feeling better! Sick kids are no fun!