Thursday, January 2, 2014 its getting real

Wow that was a freakishly long blogging hiatus, but I really needed to focus on my family. My boys are 3 years old and 5 months now!!! Where does time go??



2013 was truly an amazing year. Here are the highlights:

  • I had my second baby Jack on July 27. 7lbs 3 oz easiest delievery ever. Such a happy and calm baby he is adorable!!
  • I found the perfect part time job at a local bank in their operations department. Its a great balance so I can get outside the house but not be away all the time.
  • I completed the advocare 10 day cleanse. I started the day after Thanksgiving and rocked it out. Honestly, the fiber drink wasn't that bad (like everyone says) I seriously chugged it faster than when I shotgunned beers in the good ol days though. I lost 12 lbs in the month of November won a diet bet and then fucked it all up in December. I haven't weighed myself yet but I know the holiday weight gain got to me.
  • My big boy turned the big 3! It is so weird to say I have a 3 year old. This was just a few days ago and his party is in a week and a half so I will post pics then.
  • I've stuck with breastfeeding. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I gave up on it with my first. Now we're 5 months in and going strong! I love supplying all the nutrition for my little one.
  • Most importantly I have found a whole new love for Christ our saviour. I've always believed in God and prayed and went to church. But this past year I have seen miracles happen through the power of prayer and I have found that I can give my worries to God and he will help me through. I feel so blessed and thankful words cannot describe how happy and full I feel.
This past year I've learned that I can handle much more than I think. I was SO worried about having two kids to take care of now I think its a walk in the park. Are some days hard? Yes but even the hard days I look back on and think that it wasn't that bad! I seriously could get pregnant now and be happy but the hubby does not like that idea haha! I've realized my house does not have to be perfect. That I can let a few things go as long as it's sanitarily clean a little lot of clutter is fine with me. I've seriously chilled out so much and it feels so good. I still am a mild worry wart (mainly about my kids) but in other aspects it has gotten much better. Maybe its because I have found a new love for Yellow Tail Moscato and dark beer but who knows?

2014 Resolutions:

1. Continue to work on my relationship with Christ. Make it stronger by praying every day and thanking God for all my blessings.

2. MANAGE our money. I recently read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and we have completely re done our budget. Those student loans we thought were going to take 27 more years to pay off? Yeah they will be gone in 3.5 years (and they are not small loans by any means). Also our credit card and auto loan debt will be paid off in less than 2 years. It's going to be hard to stick to the budget but my online shopping habit addiction is now officially broken. I took my cards off of Amazon and pay pal and only use cash for the most part....dun dun dun...I will keep you all updated on our experience with this.

3. Run a half. I am really pumped for this one. Since I was pregnant over half of last year I wasn't able to run, and finding time with a new baby was hard. But now that he is a little older I feel comfortable going for a run after work. I am joining a gym in February after the New Years Rush dies down. And throughout January I am doing a Jillian Michael DVD challenge for my workouts:

Go visit Mel or Holly for more info on that.

4. Start lifting again. As in weights. I am really excited for this.

5. Keep breastfeeding until Jack is one.

5. Be present. Play more with my kids. Listen more and talk less :) Be more patient.



Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year! Let's all kick 2014's ass!



  1. Welcome back! Looks like you've been busy! :) I read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover too. Made me completely rethink the way I handle my money. A good read for sure!

  2. Yay!!! You are going to rock 2014!!!!!!

  3. You got this girl... I have missed you... I am right here with you and you WILL run a half. Any specific one in mind?

  4. Wow, great resolutions! And how awesome to say in a few short years you'll be free of those darn student loans! One of the happiest days of my life was when we paid off Andy's! Free of that crap!!!

    I was seriously JUST on Dave Ramsey's website looking at his resources. I didn't start reading anything yet b/c I wanted to be able to dedicate some time to it, but soon. I think everyone can use a little money makeover these days. Even tho we save monthly for savings, retirement and college for the boys I don't feel like we are getting anywhere - there's always somewhere else we can be saving.

    Good luck w these and can't wait to read all about your progress throughout the year!

  5. Welcome back, beautiful!! Those all sounds like wonderful, attainable goals!! And it sounds like you had a wonderful year! I'm excited to read how this year goes for you!!
    And damn that holiday weight gain! I feel like I've been living on a cruise ship the last few weeks. Just eating, eating and drinking! My pants for work today were pretty tight and looked nasty, so it's ON!!

  6. I haven't read anybody's blog in months but I just had to check in and see how you are doing. I can't believe your baby is FIVE months old already!!! I'm so glad to see things are going well. Congrats on the 12lb loss. I'm overjoyed for your renewed and strengthened bond with Christ. Looks like it's gonna be an amazing year for your and your family in 2014.