Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Been a Long Time....

It has been FOREVER since I stepped back into "blog world", and I can say I truly truly miss it! I love writing and getting my thoughts out there. I've been going back and forth about when to start back up but I finally decided it was time to jump back in! I'm not working outside the home anymore so I feel like I can manage my time enough to fit this in for my sanity. Plus this blog was my major motivator with losing the baby weight with my first so I need it now more than ever. I've been back on the weight loss train since May and have been doing great but recently have hit a plateau (kill me) and have changed to counting my macros (IIFYM) and thought blogging about it would be a lot of help! I've lost about 20 lbs the past 5 or so months and its been slow. I notice the most difference in my stomach and face. Here is a picture comparing my face we will get into the full body before and durings on another day..... ;)

I'm going to stop with the weight loss talk for the rest of this post and save it for next time and now dish on my amazing kids! They are SO BIG. H is almost 4 and J is 14 months in a few days. I seriously don't know where baby hood went. I'm super sad about it but it is nice that J is able to play more now with H and is more independent. That doesn't mean my uterus isn't yearning for another baby (because it is) but I'm so happy and proud of my two boys right now and we're just in a good spot. J has been walking since 10 months so he is into ERRREEETHING. literally. We don't play out front unless he is in a stroller or strapped into his little bike because he seriously SPRINTS right into the street. So we prefer the backyard or parks away from busy roads. This little one definitely keeps me on my toes but he is so sweet. H started pre school and he loves it. He is a bit shy but has made a lot of friends, and absolutely loves his teachers. I am shocked at how smart this kid is but obviously he gets it from his mama!

I have SO many ideas to blog about and can't wait to dive in. Get ready for sweaty selfies and pictures of my cute boys oh and sarcasm...lots of sarcasm. I'm so glad to be back!!

just a typical day in the K house hold!