Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Meal Prep

About 2 months ago I started prepping meals on Sunday so I would have easy lunches for work and dinners that were healthy (since I'm the only one that eats healthy in the house). Let me tell you I put it off like it's the worst chore ever but once I'm done I feel I did when I "beat" Bowser on Super Mario yes I just said that. This week was a quick prep since my kiddos are sick but I will go through it anyway.
  • Hard boiled eggs (great snack)
  • Quinoa (I made it then cut up sunburst grape tomatoes and mixed them in)
  • Dreamfields brand low carb noodles (I just boil a couple servings and put them in tupperwares in the fridge with ragu light pasta sauce on them. When I pack lunch with them I throw a few power meatballs on top).
  • Power Meatballs:
  • Salsa chicken
  • I also made a yummy new creation. I cut up turkey sausage and sautéed it with some fresh green beans I seasoned it with garlic and chilli powder it is delish!
  • A batch of brown rice
I totally forgot to take pictures but hopefully you get the idea. I would say I'm eating clean these days around 60% of the time. I'm proud of myself for that. Like other people have said I too will never be a true clean eater. I enjoy treats and alcohol too much. Moderation is key and I am happy with how things have been going. In the evening I enjoy a skinny cow mint ice cream sandwich and all is right with the world. Before I would eat a big bowl of ice cream with way too much chocolate syrup probably 500 calories easily...gross.
Do you meal prep? Got any tried and true favorites?
Join me tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday!!

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  1. Those meals all sounds yummy! You're awesome, comparing it to Mario bros!! I loved that game!! Nerds!