Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

So just a random post I wanted to do...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK to...
Miss a workout when you have planned it (Just not ALL the time :) )

Enjoy vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets 

Take time for YOURSELF each and every day even if it is just 15 minutes

To spoil your child(ren) a little bit

To be the "mean" parent once in a while

To be the "nice" parent MOST of the time ;)

To have a cheat meal once (or twice) a week!

To try as many new "things" as you can

To just chill....(sometimes we need to do that more than we think)

Thanks guys! Will be posting some PROGRESSION pics STAT! :)


  1. Visiting from the link-up! I love, love, love to vacuum so I totally understand! I have a dog and her hair bothers the heck out of me! haha. It's a must in my book, which is ok since I love it.
    Also, it's 100% okay with spoil your kids. I totally do...and my dog. Ah well, you only live once! haha.

  2. I totally agree with every single thing you listed!!

    I just have to accept the "15 minutes of me time" as not being selfish or feel guilty for it. Oh the mothers guilt! ;)

    Coming over from the link-up!