Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well If I had posted on Friday and yesterday they would be entitled "Fuck up Friday" and "Screwed Saturday" (and not screwed in a good way!).

Ugh Friday I don't even know what happened. I started out good, hit the gym ran my C25K plan plus worked out extra. Then I went to work. There were cookies and cake and Mcdonalds. I had one cookie and one piece of cake plus my lunch. Then my hubby was home late from work. I found myself munching on graham crackers and I don't even know why. This goes to show if you start the sugary snacks in early in the day you WILL keep craving them. So please learn from my mistakes and stay away!

Now on to yesterday. It wasn't as bad as Fuck up Friday. However I did not log my calories and I just snacked. So I'm sure I wasn't on target. I did workout though so whatev.

Now onto GOOD news! How do you like my new design??? Thanks to Holly's hubby for this beautiful blog design and he even installed it for me. :) Check out her blog you will be glad that you did!
Anywho, the goal of my blog is to document my experiences through life and weightloss. So we all have our bad days. Whats important is that I don't give up. And you know what? There is no way in hell that I'm going to. I have come too far to go back to fat land.

Laters baby!

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  1. I love your new blog design, Annie! Chris did an awesome job... This may be my new favorite one to date. I hope you enjoy it! :)