Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weigh Day Wednesday

I know I missed last week...but it was Halloween and I stuffed my face with candy the day before so I decided not to post about my 0 pound weight loss last week...BOO (slapping myself in the face)! :( I did have a NSV though...a few weeks ago I bought a pair of jeans a size too small but last week I fit in them!!! I was pumpeddd! 

Too cute and true!!

I had a post (here) where I talked about eating clean. Well lets just say it did NOT work out. I think if I would have pushed through it harder I would have been fine. But with all the halloween goodies at work it was hard and I caved. But its okay because I did have a loss this week:

-1.2 pounds. Total loss: 21.2 pounds. Yee haw!

 Anyways it's not much but its a loss and ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING so I'm keeping it positive biotches.

I'm feeling pretty awesome about my jogging schedule lately but then yesterday this happened:

I twisted my ankle running yesterday! But I finished my last half mile and broke through a major mental block. I know I should have stopped but no one ALWAYS does the right thing.......right?? I iced it and took advil and it feels good so this morning I went on a SLOW 2 mile jog. My time went up from 11:30 to 12:31 per mile just because I didn't want to push it. It hurt a little bit after the run but I will ice again tonight. I want to do a 4 mile run on Saturday which is a long run for me! 

P.S- isn't it cool how my toes match the blueberry bag?

Some other cool shenanigans:

Anyway, I made these HEALTHY quesadillas for dinner the other night:
And yes I pronounce them quesaDILLA not iya because I think it's funny to sound like a red neck sometimes. 
Bought this cute scarf at Old Navy this weekend, and please enjoy the awkward creeper smile!

And yep I voted yesterday! Although, last night my news feed on facebook was ridiculous!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!


  1. Oh no! Hope your ankle feels better! And it is nice to know that I'm not the only one who uses frozen veggies/fruit as ice packs!

  2. That Halloween candy is a bitch! Candy is my weakness and I did well but had to indulge in a few pieces! 21.2... great job lady!

  3. Congrats on your loss!! And way to go working/running through the pain! You're a tough woman!

  4. awesome loss and run! Hope it feels good enough for your run this weekend!

  5. Haha love the matching toes with the blueberries!

  6. congrats on the loss!! those quesaDILLA's (I say it the same way,ha!) look awesome!!

  7. Congrats on the weightloss! I'm so jealous! How do you keep going and not blowing it by the end of the day? I tend to just eat whatever in the evening after being good all day. Stinks. I would love to start you enjoy it or do you do it because it works? Just curious!! I read your blogs, and I think I can do this....but here I sit! ho hum lol

  8. That scarf is great. Love the matching colors:) Hope you are feeling okay with the ankle and all? AND YAY to the weight loss mamacita.

  9. Great job on the weightloss! The toes matching the berries is funny especially because I noticed before I read it. =)

    Hope the ankle heals quickly.

  10. Good job on the 1.2 loss! Way to go! I am sorry about your ankle but your toes look good and that is important! :) I hope its all better very soon!! Love the scarf, looks so snuggly! Mmm quesadillas! MrD calls them quay-sa-DILLAs LOL

  11. Ouch on the ankle. Take it easy! Now I want quesadillas :)

  12. Nice rebound, Annie! Especially after Halloween. I wish my fat butt could say the same! Now take it easy on that ankle, missy!

  13. Love love love that scarf! I might be making a trip to Old Navy! Hope you ankle heals up quickly and that creeper smile is awesome! I feel all my smiles look creeperish.


  14. I think I just ordered that scarf! Is that the infinity one? I love scarves.
    A friend of mine posted this quote about attitudes the other day :
    "A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you are not going to get anywhere until you change it"
    I think it is so true :)

    Congrats on the loss! I am restarting my weight loss journey after having a baby. Feel free to check out my blog -