Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Recap

So my "campaign" to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness has come to an end. Here is some more info about it. So I raised a total of 50.00... not much but better than nothing right? I ended up getting 84 new followers in October so at .25 cents each follower that ended up being 21.00 so I just rounded up to $25.00 The other funds were donated by:

and my real life friend Julie

Please visit there blogs they are such awesome ladies!! 

I still need to hit up some family for some more donations. Even though October is over does not mean we don't need to think about this horrible disease and try to help find a cure and raise awareness! 

Here is my donation receipt:

Thank you all so much for following me and helping to raise money for this very important cause! 

Please checkout my f'n awesome GIVE AWAY you will not regret it! It ends on Monday!


  1. Wow that is really awesome that you raised money (any amount is DEFINITELY better than none) through your blog! Great use of social networking! :D

  2. Way to go, Annie! Laura is right , that is a great use of social networking :) and $50 donated is wonderful!