Monday, November 26, 2012

Fa la la la LA

Christmas is definitely coming. Soon. I seriously cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. I know I know everyone says that but I cannot believe I am about to have a two year old! Yep my little man turns two at the end of December which is pretty much the worst time of year for a birthday...poor guy. I don't even know what I am going to do for his party theme yet, and he actually is having two parties this year. Yeah almost like Paris Hilton,(I think she had like 5 parties in one day one time). Woah did I just compare my son to Paris Hilton? Pretty sure I just vomited a little bit. Anyway, he gets two parties this year because one is at my moms house for my side of the family and another will be at our house for the hubby's fam and our friends. It just cuts down on travel time for everyone and my family is big so it saves room at our house. 

 I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. I pretty much should have worn elastic pants...oh wait I did... jeggings are the best invention ever! I did a little shopping Friday but I didn't get up early. I was great the little guy actually slept in until 7 am normally he wakes up around 6 so I felt great! Friday night we went to our towns Christmas party where Santa comes and they do fire works. It was fun besides it being freezing balls.

Saturday was a VERY productive day. And I don't mean productive like drinking 3 glasses of red wine and getting a kick ass blog post up, but we did get the Christmas Tree and other holiday decor up!! Oh and organized our messy as hell bonus room. 

 Then we decided to go to the mall  to see Santa Clause. 

Hunter was very excited to go see "Seeta Cwaus:"

Well we got there and he was in a great mood. Waited in line...still in a great mood. Walked over to Santa....great mood. Sat on Santa's lap and....
Balling. Classic. 

I thought it was really funny though. The camera people were like "okay just give him a minute and we will try again." I didn't want to hold people up and was like nope this is great...we want to have his first emotions to remember forever! Love this little screaming cutie. 

Then once he got his candy cane he was fine. Like nothing happened. What a crazy kid. 

What about you?
How was your holiday?
Christmas decorations/tree up?
Screaming Santa picture stories?


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Santa pic..that is classic!

    new follower here! found you thru Holly.

  2. Your tree is gorgeous and OMG the Santa pic - that is my kids in every Santa pic. Why do they hate him so much? LOL

  3. Hi! New follower from Holly's blog! I just wanted to say I LOVE the Santa pic! So classic! My little boy's pic last year is exactly the same. I seriously look forward to haunting him with it when he's older! To me it's the cutest thing ever but I know he's gonna hate it. Lol! He's also a december baby!

  4. I'm so jealous of everyone's love for jeggings, my hips don't support this item of clothing that is all the rage and it makes me angry! They should put a picture of me on the back with a RED flag on both my hips and say, except for those of you that...have this issue...

    Love your cutie's Santa picture and you're commitment to true emotion rather than fake smiles after 3.5 hours of crying. :)

  5. I love the crying santa picture! Please tell me you are putting that on your Christmas card this year!

  6. I would have said the same thing about the picture. Why do people try to get a 'perfect' picture?? There is no such thing. Both of my boys have had 'bday' portraits taken w/ giant scrapes on their faces from various falls. Some people would reschedule, not me! It's part of the charm!

    Great tree!

  7. The Santa picture is classic... and the crying ones are my favorite!!

    And I hope you got some traffic yesterday... let me know if you have anything going on this week and I will plug it to death. :) XOXO

  8. I love it! You gotta have the screaming Santa pic. I actually think it shows a sign of intelligence. Why wouldn't little guy be afraid of sitting in the lap of a man who watches basically every move you make. Hell, I'd be screaming too!

  9. I found your blog through Instagram!! :) Love it!! Your design is super cute!!

    That Santa picture is so priceless!! LOL!! Your little guy is beyond cute. :) I hope y'all had a merry Christmas!!