Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Longer MIA!

Wow...that was a long no blog vacay! I have had some much needed (mostly internet free) rest and relaxation and I've got it the past week and a half. Frankly (who says that), I have just been too busy. But I have some fun posts planned this week:

In Loving Memory of Hostess: 
Easy Cream Cheese Pumpkin Rolls (those giant pumpkin ho ho things)

A Thanksgiving Linkup

My Christmas Decor

PLUS a Weigh Day Wednesday thrown in there!

Honestly, the weigh day may not go to well but I'm going to bust my arse the next couple of days. I have been running though just not eating :(

Anyway, watch for these post this week and hope you are all having a GREAT Thanksgiving week!


  1. Welcome back lady! I missed you! :) Glad you got some good R&R!!!

  2. I looked for a Zinger - dang they were sold out - bummer. I am glad you are back.

  3. Guess who's back.... back again... Shady's back... tell a friend... :)