Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back on the Saddle

It feels so good to be working out and eating healthy again. This week I started Shaun T's T25 workout program and it is insane! I hate it and love it at the same time. This week and next week I'm doing the modified versions of most things and then after that I'm full on. But even with doing the modifications it is really hard! I am SO sweaty afterwards. Luckily its only 25 minutes so I have plenty of time to shower after I do it while the boys are napping.

I've also done really well with my eating the past two days. I am going to lose at LEAST 4% for Skinny Meg's diet bet this month but I'm going to raise my goal to 10 lbs by October 1st I should be able to do it with the combination of eating healthy, working out and breast feeding.

Mel got me on the 30 day plank challenge band wagon...and let me tell ya just holding it for 20 seconds was hard for me...ughhhh I hate being out of shape. BUT that is changing by the end of this month I will be a whole new woman. I mean I will have a long way to go but it will be a great start!

Goals for September:

  • Lose at LEAST 4% for SM's diet bet...but hoping to lose more than that (10lbs).
  • Continue with T25 this month and next.
  • Finish that tortorous plank challenge.
  • Keep eating healthy (planning meals etc)...

And now for some cute pictures of my munchkins!

Hunter showing me his "wormy worm"

the hubs burping little Jack he is like "help me..."


I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!



  1. Great goals!

    I just started T25 on Tues (wanted my rest day on Sunday) and I can't imagine doing that what 7-8 weeks PP? I've been working out all summer and I still have to modify. Today I felt like I should be able to do better, but my body just said, umm no, you are SORE!

  2. OMG the cuteness!!!! AGH!!!! We can do this plank challenge baby... here we go...

  3. Adorable little guy!!! Wow!!
    Great goals, I've thought about the Shaun T stuff too, but haven't started yet!!

  4. The last picture of Jack is adorable! Yay for working out! I've been scared to death to even think about doing T25 and you have just confirmed why I should be and why I won't be trying it like ever! LOL!


  5. What is this T25? I am going to start the plank challenge on the nights I am not running. EEE.

  6. Shaun T looks like a killer! I love watching his infomercial!! :)

    I am nominating you for an award, check my blog tomorrow for the deets!

  7. Hahahaha Jack's face cracks me up! And is Hunter holding a stick?