Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Weight Loss Update

It's Friday which means nothing for me because I'm a Mom! But I am linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday yee freakin haw!


I'm going to do all five about my new healthy adventure!

1. Numbers

As of Tuesday the 17th I had lost 5 lbs in a WEEK. Heck yeah! My real life friend Cait and I started texting pictures to each other of EVERYTHING we eat to stay accountable. Both of us are doing awesome she's lost about 6 lbs. We are just counting calories. Since I'm exclusively breast feeding I give myself 1700-1800 calories a day. I feel like I'm eating alot but I do not want my supply to tank.


2. Food

I have been realllllyyy trying to make healthy and mostly cleaner food choices lately. I am getting used to it. Top left is a salad with feta, apples, snap peas and grape tomatoes with Balsalmic vinegar. Next is a chocolate shakeology protein shake (my go to lunch) bottom left is a green bean, chicken, tomato egg and egg white omelet on a whole wheat wrap and then its a turkey and egg omelet on a whole wheat wrap (both of those are dinners).

3. Working Out

First of all I got an awesome workout program T-25. Its only 25 minutes...easy to find the time right? Well not for me! I've been struggling with doing it every day. But I make sure to get it in every other and do walks with the munchkins on the days I don't. It's really hard to find any time as a new Mom! :/ I know weight loss is 90% what you eat so I'm really focusing on that right now.

4. Temptation

I love sweets. Hunter and I "made" these sugar cookies today and I ate two of them. Luckily they were only 60 cals a pop...I didn't want to look at the amount of sugar though...womp womp womp! FAIL.

5. Cuteness: Bath time edition!

Ok I know I said this would be all about weight loss but I can't help but put pictures up of my boys!



Have a wonderful weekend y'all! :)



  1. 5 pounds in a WEEK?! Teach me your ways!

    And those sweet boys of yours sure are precious!!

  2. You're doing great!!!

    Love the bath time pics! Just wait til they take one together! ;)

  3. Way to go with the food! I read the other day that women have thousands more tastebuds than men do. I thought to myself, "That makes so much sense as to why I LOVE food and my hubby can take it or leave it." I am so proud of you for making great choices because I know how difficult it is.
    Those babies are precious. You can post their pics on any post no matter the topic. CUTIE PIES!

  4. 5 lbs?! Thats awesome! Congrats, even though I'm kinda jealous! :)

  5. Way to go with the weight loss! Your boys are precious.

  6. Your food makes my mouth water!! Sounds like you're doing so well!! I had a problem with my milk depleting cause I wasn't eating enough, so I know what it's like! When I are more I was terrified of gaining, so I just tired to make good choices! Don't beat yourself up about two cookies! Two is ay better than 10, and with everything else you're doing, you need a treat!
    Ok, bath time pictures are the best!!

  7. You food looks awesome! Cookies are the devil (or monster in this case) and your boys are adorable!

  8. See ya later baby weight, CONGRATS!!. Your littles are adorb.

  9. Good for you! I am in the same boat trying to lose my baby weight and I agree, it is hard to find the time to workout being a momma!

  10. Hey girl! You won my cones for the cure giveaway. Email me your address and my contact will send you your goodie bag!