Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Month Old!

I cannot believe my baby boy turned one month on Tuesday. I feel like we were heading to the hospital to have him like 4 days ago. Time flies when you don't get sleep right?? Nah its not bad at all in fact I'm truly enjoying every minute of his newborn stage. You never know what life is going to bring and if this is my last baby I am savoring every sleep deprived moment.


Jack has brought us so much joy this past month. He is fitting right into our family. The funniest thing about him are how wide/big his eyes are when he is awake. He looks startled all the time haha! It's so cute!

He has given us a few half smiles while awake and those cute gas grins while he sleeps. I am so excited to see his first official smile which should be in the next few weeks! He still sleeps quite a bit. His awake periods are probably for about 45 min to an hour which includes his eating time. He is still breastfeeding great. However, I am pumping more and giving bottles every other feeding because if not he is attached to my boob all day, and I need to be able to give Hunter attention too ;) At night he wakes up 2 times still i'm hoping he drops the second feeding soon! His personality is much more calm then his brothers which I am very glad about! I'm sure he will get more feisty as time goes on's in his blood! ;)

Jack is a whopping 9 lbs 9 oz, that is 1 oz more than his brother weighed at birth! He is wearing newborn sized clothes and a few 0 to 3 month outfits but they are still pretty loose. He is in size one diapers. We're really not sure what his eye color is going to be sometimes they look dark brownish other times slate blue. So we will see!

We love our little Jack with all our heart! Even big brother is happy keeping him around!



  1. What a cutie!
    I am glad you are enjoying this newborn stage. Did you embrace it with your first son? I only have one kid, and I feel like I didn't enjoy it and was only hoping for him to be older. Now I look back and feel like I missed so much.

  2. Happy one month to your adorable little boy!

  3. He looks so alert! It is neat to hear parents talk about how different the children are from one another. I think its interesting to see that parts of their personality are formed since birth.

  4. He is so stinking cute! I'm still having a hard time admitting that I might not have anymore and it's making me try to cherish every moment I can. Some nights I don't even want to lay her down because I know one day she won't want to be held before bed.

    Enjoy those sleep deprived newborn days!

  5. Aww, so sweet! I wish I could snuggle w/ him a bit! Glad you're remembering to enjoy each and every moment with him!