Monday, August 26, 2013

Model Material...

So when my little guy was 9 days old we had newborn pictures done. I just got the CD back last week and they are A-FREAKIN-DORABLE but yeah I'm a little biased. Here are some of my favorites..






He did so good! Hunter came with us at the beginning to get a few shots and then him and Dad had a fun afternoon together. Jack and I had a blast (not...) I got peed on right at the beginning and my clothes were soaked. Plus she keeps it warm for newborn shoots (it was like 85 degrees in the house) so I was dripping with sweat and times. But it was all worth it. She is an amazing photographer...the photos speak for themselves!

I'm starting to get used to less sleep than usual. He is still waking up twice at night. Goes to bed at 8:30 wakes up around 2:30 wakes up again around 5:00 am and then sleeps another few hours. I can't wait until he drops that 5 am wake up! I started pumping and giving him bottles for his night feedings. It takes me about 20 minutes to feed him vs the one and a half hours it was taking me before! Score!

I'm going to be posting about my favorite newborn and new mom items later this week! SO exciting I know!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!



  1. Where did you get all those cute hats!?!?!

  2. He's a natural! Anne Geddess get this kid a contract =P. SOOO adorable!


  3. OMG, the back rolls! I die! :) Great pics! Just scheduled ours today! A little early but I'm so excited for them! didn't even think about them not wearing a diaper and peeing on us!! Eek!!! :)

  4. THESE ARE PRECIOUS!!! Okay, I didn't think it would be possible for me to have newborn baby fever only a year after having Eliana but here it is happening. He is too cute. Those cheeks and little puckered lips. I wish I could just squeeze him.