Thursday, August 15, 2013

So Far...

So good. I LOVE being a Mommy of two. Yes its hard. Yes its tiring. But there is really no place I'd rather be than with my two boys. It's funny I wanted a girl so bad this time around but now that I have my little Jack I am so in love I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Things are so different this time around. I have no signs of Post Partum depression or even the baby blues. I sometimes feel guilty because I had PPD with Hunter but not with Jack. I know I couldn't help it, but it makes me sad I didn't enjoy his first few months of life like I am now. I know he will never know the difference. He has always been given the best care and most importantly loved more than anything, but I still regret not enjoying the newborn stage with him more. It goes so fast and if this is my last baby I want to enjoy it more than anything.

Last post I wrote how I was worried about being home with two. While it's difficult and frustrating taking care of a newborn with a fiesty two year old it is getting better every day. As long as Hunter gets his time with me he is pretty well behaved. And as long as I get my time with him I am a happy Mama. We are kind of getting a routine, but its hard to get a newborn on a schedule. So I'm just rolling with the punches. Hunter has school Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 12:00. Today we didn't get there until 10:00 but I call it a success.

Baby Jack goes to bed around 8:30 wakes up around 2 am to nurse (usually takes an hour he is a SLOW eater and eats A LOT), and then again between 6 and 7. He still sleeps a ton during the day. He is having a LITTLE more awake time and I love it. His eyes are so bright and wide open during it and he is just peaceful and calm and looks around. I can't believe he will be 3 weeks old on Saturday. He is still wearing newborn size clothes and diapers. Last appointment he was 7 lbs 8 oz (5 oz over birth weight,) so I'm thinking he is close to 8 lbs by now.

Now for some pictures that work this time!





I have the best hubs in the world, he helps so much!

Sorry so flaky with posts lately! I am thinking in about a month I will be back on track!



  1. Seeing that adorable newborn makes me want another one for about 3.5 seconds, then I come to reality and laugh it off! =) Seriously, he is so cute, both of your boys are - future heartbreakers!! =)

  2. So sweet! I love lil babies. That newborn baby smell and their bodies all curled up like a precious little ball. I'm glad to hear that things are getting easier and that you are able to have quality time with Hunter.

  3. Take your time getting back to blogging! you're busy!

    Such sweet pics! And I love hearing how you all are doing! I remember being up at night w/the boys thinking "I wonder if they were on a bottle if I'd be up this long feeding them". But then I'd remind myself why I breastfeed and how much I loved doing it. Who needs sleep anyway? :)

  4. Adorable! Looks like Hunter is adjusting well! I'm a crazy, mean Momma and scheduled both my kids from like DAY ONE - but I couldn't nurse either of them so I think that makes a huge difference! You are doing great, I had PPD with Jack, but not Norah - I think it's maybe "normal" since you know what to expect this time around? Either way, I'm so glad to see everything going so well.


  5. Your boys are adorable!!! When I was pregnant with my first I swore it was a girl, nope, it was a boy and I was overjoyed! Then my second I knew it was a boy, not sure why, I just felt it. Now I'm part to the tow boys club! There were 4 friends and I all pregnant with both kids at the same time, and we all have two boys now!!
    Don't ever feel guilty about what you did or felt with one baby as opposed to the other. I have went through that so much with my second, he's 10 months, and like you said they will never know any different. They are loved just the same!!

  6. I love this! Thanks for sharing, and please know that you're not being "flaky" with your posts! These little details are so beautiful in a mother's life.

    Makes me want to have another one!

  7. Really don't worry about how much you post. I think I took a 3 month break after each of my girls. Enjoy those boys, newborn time passes by so quickly! They are too cute not to want to spend time with them.