Monday, April 4, 2016

Home Sick

About six years ago Ian and I moved to a small town (Rupert, ID) and I was so upset about the whole thing. We were leaving the bigger city (Boise) and going to an area where I knew absolutely no one. I was about to have my first baby and did not know what was coming. I was depressed and longed to be back in Boise. Fast forward to this past year, Ian and I moved back to Boise but now I desperately miss our life back in good ol' Rupert. Over the past 6 years I found so many friends that had kids close in age to mine and that were just really fun people. I now miss those people and how much joy they brought in my life. These people helped me so often when I was going through Cancer and would come at the drop of a hat to help me. These people blessed me with good meals and good conversation on my weakest of days. Most importantly, these people helped me find God when I so desperately needed him in my life.
Now that I'm back in Boise I enjoy the bigger city conveniences and all that it has to offer, but miss my little town of Rupert. I've gone to play dates here with an online mom's group I found but found that it is just not for me. I think because I compare them to the play groups and play dates that I had back "home." On a positive note, I did find a church that has a Mom's group that has been great. I have made a good friend through that and am blessed to have found it. I still feel lost here though. My kids aren't in school and we go crazy a lot of the days. But I know I just need to keep trucking along and we will slowly find our niche here. Some day we will get into the swing of things and for now I just need to thank God and know that this is where he wants us for this season of life... 

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