Thursday, April 7, 2016

Weigh in Wednesday (On a Thursday)

Yesterday was a crazy busy day so I didn't get a chance to do my weigh in post but here I am now! I had a MUCH better week than last week.
Last Week: 189.4
This Week: 185.6
Difference: -3.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 39 lbs!
I stuck to plan hard core this past 10 days since Easter so I consider myself 10 days sober from sugar haha! But it's true sugar is like a drug to me and it feels so good to be off of it. I just all around feel better when I'm on plan physically and mentally. I also have more energy at the gym and in just chasing my kiddos around so its a win win. If I think of cheating again I need to remember how gross I feel after! It's so not worth it!
So this happened yesterday...I posted my before and CURRENTS on facebook. I'm pretty proud of myself for putting it all out there. Now to finish through to my goal!

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