Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weigh In Wednesday

Today is the big day. Weigh in day. I just changed my weigh in day from Monday's to Wednesdays so this weigh in is just from this past Monday the 21st so just a couple days of weight loss. Which is why it is so low!
Was: 190.6
Now: 189.6
-1 difference
24.6 pounds until goal.
Officially at 35 pounds lost and I'm feeling good about that. I can't believe I'm posting my weight. It's something I have always hidden from everyone including my husband, but not anymore. It is freeing in a way to just let go and say **** it! I have come such a long ways from January when I was tipping the scales at 224 pounds and so unhappy with myself in general. I couldn't fit into my clothes, I was wearing a size 18 jeans and even that was getting tight! I felt horrible, I napped when the kids did because I didn't have any energy. I had literally lost myself to my addiction. And honestly, going through my battle with Cancer just wore me out and I let myself go. I was depressed and down and out. I realize though now how lucky I am to be here and am seizing each day as a blessing and taking care of myself so I can hopefully be on this earth longer! Now I have control and have found myself again and it feels so good!
Proud of my weight loss!
Finding out what works for me has been key to my weight loss success. I have been following an optimal health eating plan and although I have had "cheats" 98% of the time I stay on course! It's the best I've ever done with a "diet" ever. One thing that helps is eating a protein and veggie rich dinner to keep me full for the night!

steamed chicken with mrs dash seasoning. Cauliflower "rice" with peppers and onions. YUM!
Well that's it for today. If you have any questions about my eating plan reach out to me on facebook (Annie Clark Kihara) or email me at

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  1. WooHoo! And yay for Wednesday weigh in days!