Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I Miss Being on a "diet"

I'm insane right? Every day on Instagram I see all these amazing pictures of some of my fave blogger's healthy meals, flexing their guns and/or their miles logged in on their phone apps. And I'm so f'n jealous it's not even funny. When everyone and there cat was doing that 10 day cleanse I was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog wanting to clear my colon and whatever else with y'all.


Because I can't freakin do any of that biotches. Now I know I could eat super healthy while pregnant and yes I could work out every day, but I seriously feel like nauseas fat kid sitting on the sidelines while all the cool kids get picked to play kick ball. But really? If I'm not eating some sort of sugar or carb every 2 hours I am puking my guts out or dry heaving....of which neither are acceptable when teaching a classroom of kids.

Then when I get off work I am beat and have been on my feet most the day and want to sit down. I honestly just need to accept the fact that I'm not the healthiest pregnant woman. I need to enjoy this time, but I'm not going to over enjoy it if you know what I mean...I have replaced some of my unhealthy snacks with fruit and am going to try to get in 20 min 3- 4 times a week of walking, as well as some squats at home. Nothing too crazy. Also because I have the color run literally a month or maybe a little more after I pop this baby out.

This is why I'm scared to get pregnant again...I don't want to go through this feeling of eating my brains out or feeling sick all the time. But of course I will probably forget about it like I forgot about it last time. Until I re read this post...

I gotta stop eating this for breakfast:


I'm writing this post to help remind myself after I have the baby of how I felt when pregnant, and hopefully to keep my ass motivated in getting back in shape!

This pretty much sums up how I feel:



  1. You are too cute! I had that eat bad shit or be sick most of my pregnancy too! Carbs were the only thing that helped me feel good, not my waist line!

  2. Oh Honey Bunches, I completely understand where you are coming from. When I was pregnant I was DETERMINED to keep the baby weight in check. I was eating right and I was doing a rigorous 3 walk everyday. But then around month 6.5 my ob told me that I had low amniotic fluid and that I would have to stop ALL activities. No more gym, no more house cleaning. I even had to go part time at work. This was devastating news first of all because I was afraid for the baby but secondly because this meant that I was resigned to going straight home from work to lay down on my bed...boring. I was soooooo jealous of everyone around me that was working out and losing weight. Everyone was buffing while I was fluffing, as I used to say. There will come a day when you can get back out there and kick some arse at the gym!

  3. Oh my goodness, I felt just like this when I was preggo this last time. Not the nausea, but the insane desire to be healthy and get in shape!!! It sucks! So I feel for you, girl! Hang in there!