Tuesday, March 19, 2013

20 Weeks and Other Life Updates!

How far along?

20 weeks...hopefully a little more than halfway now!


Everything. Some days I feel great others not so much. Mainly a constant hungry lingering feeling. Been trying to satisfy it with fruits and veggies. But sometimes (aka at least once a day) I give into a not so healthy craving. I also pee like 6 times a night. It's like a never ending waterfall it sucks! Oh did I mention my growing belly? I had to buy some maternity jeans this weekend the old hair tie through the button hole was getting old fast.

This was taken this morning. Dang I wish I had bigger boobs.


Another little boy!

Weight gain?

10 lbs

Those are the only questions I can think of answering right now. What else is new? I am getting Hunter's big boy room finished up and I can't wait to post the final pictures! I'm also getting baby boys nursery ready and let me tell you it is ADORABLE. I'm reaching the point in pregnancy where it's not so bad anymore, the symptoms are fading and I'm not so big that its uncomfortable. At first I thought this would be my last pregnancy but maybe not...

Also, I am so excited for next week because it is Spring break!!! And that means no work for me! I have two full days of spring cleaning planned out. Like MAJOR spring cleaning. I am going to post my check lists sometime this week. I know you are all dying to see it.

I will leave you with this:

My boys :)


I hope everyone has a fabulous week!








  1. A house full of boys! What fun! :)
    I hope that your symptoms begin to even out soon.
    10lbs half way through your pregancy is good. You look great.
    I hated peeing that often at night. You can't even get a restful night's sleep because you are up so often!

  2. You are so cute all preggo!

    Two boys will be so much fun. And 10lbs is great. =)