Friday, February 8, 2013

My New Sexy (Prego) Workout Plan!

I got the Kanye Workout Plan song stuck in my head right now...and I love it! Anyway, headed back to the gym today and I got myself a new routine. A routine that is going to keep it sexy throughout this otherwise super duper UN-sexy pregnancy. Pregnancy while yes it is a miraculous process is gross. I am not going to admit any more details but all of y'all been there done that Mom's know this. 

So what does an un sexy preggers do? Try to keep her booty as in shape as she possibly can throughout the 9 months. Now I slacked off the first 3 months but unfortunately I HAD to due to some minor complications. However, I am back on the saddle biotches, and i'm pumped. 

My Workout Today:
Light Weights
8 lbs bicep curls (3 sets 15)
8 lbs tricep curls (3 sets 15)
5lbs shoulder press (3 sets 12)
25 Squats 
30 minutes Elliptical 2-3 incline 

Now, I know this is nothing major but it is something. Tomorrow (today) I will be back to the gym and will do a similar routine but plan on changing up cardio with 20 minutes treadmill and 20 minutes elliptical. I also got a prenatal yoga DVD that I hope to do twice a week. 

Now here is the pic that made me want to get my butt back to the gym:

I really don't understand how my normal pants still fit. And they are not even my fat pants. I guess I should be happy about that.

My doctor appointment went great this week. Heart rate of 168/170ish and I lost a pound putting my total weight gain at 5 lbs (sounds much better than 6). Hoping to only gain .5 - 1lb at my next appointment which is March 4 and then we will have the ultra sound that week as well! Should I find out what I'm having???



  1. It's awesome you're hitting up the gym!

  2. I think it's great you are working out during pregnancy! Cute top btw!

  3. That sounds like a great routine! I hope you and baby are doing well. :)