Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites VLOG!

Wow...I really cannot believe I'm doing this.


It was so random. This afternoon after my little man and I got home from the park I thought "well I GUESS I should do that VLOG link up since I love Holly so much!"  So, I set my son up with his snack and a few puzzles to entertain him and I went to "work."

I then thought "maybe I should put on some makeup and maybe even change into some presentable clothing," but nope leave it to me to stay in my workout clothes and sans makeup. Oh well, I'm just keepin it real folks. 

Wow just love that face I end on. SO hott. 

This just shows I really do love all of you, and I really hope all of you that have blogs do this too! It would be fun to see how all of you speak in real life. 

Oh and I think I say "y'all" at the end. Really? I NEVER say that. I'm from Seattle, WA and transplanted to IDAHO when I was a teenager. I have never even really been to the South. So who knows why I said that! Plus, I was really nervous when I was doing this and say "um" a lot as well.

Well, please don't make fun of me TOO much. It would have been much better if I could of had a few shots of tekillya before this! :) Thanks so much "y'all"! 

 I am up 16 followers from when I started my campaign to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. So far, that is $4.00 total  from my pocket going to this great cause. For all of you that haven't read my Cancer Sucks post I am donating .25 cents for every follower I get during the month of October (up to 200).


  1. It didn't even cross my mind to put on makeup or even do my hair before making my video. I would have started following your blog anyway but 25 cents to breast cancer makes it even better. =)

  2. You are so adorable! I wish I looked that good after working out!

    I love that sandwich from Wendy's too, I miss it also, maybe we can treat ourselves to one of them soon...

    Great going on the couch to 5k, such a great running program!

    Thanks for linking up with us! Have a great Friday and weekend!

  3. I loved it! And you are awesome! I'm glad you did it!

  4. That was great! Where are you at on the C25K? I've been doing it as well and now love running! Haven't tried an elliptical ever...but now I'm curious. Totally grabbing your button and adding to my blog, and love your campaign for raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness!!

  5. Love this! Mmmm Wendys...I haven't eaten there in forever. I always forget its still here! I really want to start running but I am so afraid...any tips? Love your blog and you are such a sweetie! So nice to meet you! :)

  6. Annie... I wanna see the out-takes! HAHA I was the same exact way. And isn't the elliptical the best? I feel like I can workout and think at the same time. Thank you soooo much for linking up. I can't believe how pretty you are without makeup! Happy Friday!

  7. OMG you crack me - did anyone every tell you - your hair rocks. I love Wendy's frosty and fries. You are so sweet.

  8. "I'm getting sick of this"

    Haha you are funny, girl! I laughed during the whole thing!!

  9. You did great!

    I love the spicy chicken too! Have you tried Chick Fil A's spicy sandwich? It gives Wendy's some good competition.

  10. You are too cute! I love your blog and love your non scale victories idea! I'm your newest follower!