Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cancer Sucks!

I'm sure all of you have heard that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer research as well as funding mammograms are causes that are very near and dear to my heart. This is because my beautiful and amazing Mom is a breast cancer survivor. She had Breast Cancer when my brother and I were both little. She was a single mom and did everything she could to take the best care of my brother and I. While being a mama she was having surgeries, chemo treatments and radiation. I remember a lot from this time in my life. Thankfully my grandparents were there to help and we lived in Seattle which has some of the best Cancer doctors around.
Me, my Mom and Hunter

Lets help stop cancer in its track by raising money that will fund research, mammograms and more. We have to find a cure to this disease that affects TOO many people each year and takes TOO many lives. Yes, there have been great strides in early detection and treatments, but that is not enough. There HAS to be a cure out there.


I decided to join Susan G. Komen's Passionately Pink for the cure. During this month for every person that follows my blog I will donate .25 cents (up to 200 people) If I get more than that I will still donate per follower but of a lesser amount. So PLEASE follow my blog (click join this site to your right above all my other followers) and help fight Breast Cancer at the same time. I will upload my donation receipt at the beginning of November and keep you all updated with the final amount every week. 

You can also fight breast cancer by advertising on my site. With any donation (minimum 1.00) I will put your blog button on my site all month and probably through November as well. Please email me at kihara.annie@yahoo.com after you donate with your button html and I will get it up ASAP! 

Please visit my donation site here:

Crazy/Simple Mama Passionately Pink

Click the donate to Annie button under the picture of my Mom and I. :)

My goal is to raise $200.00 this month but I think we can beat that. If you feel inclined to donate please do, also if you could share this post to as many people as possible that would be great! Lets all raise some money for a great cause and help save lives!


  1. I love that you are doing this! I haven't personally been affected by breast cancer in my family, but as a nurse i see many families affected by all kinds of cancer and it does SUCK. what an amazing lady your mom must be! i actually chose for my first 5k to be one benefiting breast cancer later this month! i will most definitely be adding your mom to my list of survivors that i am running to honor!

  2. This is awesome, Annie! I'll be emailing you tonight. :)

  3. Hi Annie- I'm a recent follower of your blog! I came across this post about you raising money for breast cancer awareness. I am an independent stylist for Stella & Dot, they currently have 5 pieces that are in support of breast cancer. With the purchase of each item, all proceeds will go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. I would love to do an online or at home trunk show for you to help you raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation.
    Check out my site at: stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson
    I'd love to chat with you about this, email me: enanderson18@gmail.com

  4. My Mom is also a breast cancer survivor, just had her 1 year follow up visit!!

  5. Cancer does suck and this post brought tears to my eyes, thinking about a single momma having to battle breast cancer and raise 2 babes. Kudos to your mom! I have much admiration for her! I will be running in the Susan G Komen this weekend in Lubbock!


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