Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wow, I'm back! Life Updates! has been QUITE a while since I have posted. Well I warned you all I would probably go MIA for a while. But now I am finally graduated from college...woo hoo! No more studying for me! Instead I spend my evenings baking/cooking pinterest recipes, working on planning my friends baby shower, and getting my house organized (I still really need to work on that last one!)
I thought I would just throw out some updates on my life, nothing too big just the usual. Anyway, my baby toddler will be 18 months in a week! I can't believe how fast he is growing...I know all Mama's say that though.He is talking a lot, and he picks up on words really quick which means I have had to really work on my four letter word problem. No more S bombs and F bombs from me which is super hard. He is running around everywhere and understands pretty much everything anyone says. He is my little mess maker helper. I love him to pieces! 
Here is my cutie pie playing at the mall!
As for my hubby and I things have been great! Now that little H is older I now trust babysitters with him. We have an awesome one so we get to go out boating together and go on dates which is great! Of course, hanging out with my two boys together is still the best. Ian is still working his butt off at his job. He is an engineer and is a super hard worker. Even though he works his ass butt off all day he comes home and helps with Hunter and the two of them are so cute! I watch them "wrestle" and it just cracks me up!
We recently got back from a vacation (just the two of us) to Colorado and it was great!

Well I have got to run I have some cake pops to attend too! :) Look for more posts soon! 


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