Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Paint Jar Labels

So I have been on an organizing kick lately! This past Friday I decided to clean out our pantry...it seriously needed it! Nothing was in it's place, my husband couldn't find anything in it! I would ask him to get a pack of noodles out for me and it would take him 10 minutes to find them! I'm not kidding...Anyway, I decided to put my flour and rice and other food items into jars instead of the very "un cute" packaging. I was going to print labels but then I decided to try making chalkboard paint labels since I had some of that paint from another project I'm working on. ;)

First of all you need to get this amazing chalkboard paint spray...it is so freakin' nifty:

You can spray this onto pretty much any surface to turn it into a chalkboard!

Then you need to find what kind of jars your going to use and make sure they are food safe and BPA free (if plastic). I am using two glass jars and one plastic jar for now. After doing this project though I prefer the glass jars.

Now you want to tape off the area on the jar that you do not want covered in chalk board paint:

After you have taped shake the can of paint according to the directions and spray on the jar. Spray it lightly vertically then do another light coat horizontally. Let it dry and do another coat like this.

After the paint has dried COMPLETELY (I didn't wait and my lines are not clean around the edges) peel of the tape and VOILA you have super cute chalkboard labels!

Thanks for reading! I am trying to think of more ideas to use this chalkboard paint! My hubby is praying that I don't spray the walls... ;)

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