Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pom Pom Flowers!

So I am obsessed with cute hair clips! I wear one almost every day. I really like the vintage flower look, but some of those can be way overpriced to buy! Anyway, I have been making quite a few different types of different flower hair accessories I thought I would share the first out of many that I have made. I feel like this is one of the simplest. And, don't worry I will post the rest of them too! This one is from Scrunch Flower Pom Pom Tutorial on the Little Miss Momma blog! (Which I love by the way!) I pretty much did it the same way she did, but I will post my steps on here too. You will need felt, fabric, scissors and a hot glue gun. Plus whatever you want to put the flower on!

1.) First cut out two circles of felt. Cut them about the size you want the flower to be.

2.) Then cut out 10-15 circles of the fabric you want to use for the flower. These circles are about 2-3 inches. They do NOT have to be perfect as you can see!
3.) Then fold the circle in half and pinch the bottom. I hot glue around the bottom (to hold it together).

4.) Then quickly place the folded, glued fabric in the middle. Repeat these last two steps over and over again until your circle is filled,  then you will get....

I really love these cute, simple flowers! You can put them on a head band, clip, pin or a purse or diaper bag. You could do different colors of fabric too!

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